Sower and the Seeds5

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 13:1-23
Part 5 of a 5 part series, (suitable for VBS or children’s programs), on the parable of the Sower.
The reporters at CNN, (which in this case is Country Nature Network), are visiting with Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy about sowing seeds. The reporters at CNN are arguing over whose desk be in a prime location for TV.
The focus in this segment is harmony, living and working together in harmony and God’s love.
The series includes some original music lyrics.

6 in this segment, (additional character, Clarice the Crow, not in all segments)
Wolf Blister, CNN Situation Room reporter
Stone Pastures, CNN Nature reporter
Sunny Flowers, CNN Agricultural reporter
Kermit the frog
Miss Piggy, the gorgeous pig
Clarice the crow

Set: TV studio, may be as elaborate or plain as you wish

Sound: This segment has a short song “Working Together” written to the music of “Rainbow Connection” . For a sample of the music do a search on Google.
Some segments have music which is available to DramaShare members at the “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”

Costumes: standard for CNN reporters, frog costume, pig costume and crow costume for Kermit and Miss Piggy and Clarice Crow (may be elaborate or basic)

Sample of script:

Stone, Sunny and Wolf are at M Piggy’s corn garden setting up for TV broadcast

Stone: Now if you set up my desk just across from the garden gate.

Sunny: Well, I was thinking that maybe I should be in front of the gate, I mean with Miss Piggy being a lady and all, just makes sense that I be the one to first interview her here at her corn garden.

Wolf: Both of you make good points but perhaps I should be directly in front of the gate, me being from the CNN Situation Room and all.

Sunny: With great respect Wolf, I don’t see why being in the Situation Room should make any difference. I mean, this story is all about Miss Piggy’s corn garden, and a corn garden is all about farming, and farming is all about agriculture, and I am the Agriculture reporter at CNN. . . So, I should be directly in front of the front gate. . . . So that’s settled . . .

Stone: Well, Sunny, I can see where you are coming from, and there is a lot of what you say that makes sense, . .but . . just before we jump to hasty conclusions. . . . Let’s examine the facts . . .When I look at Miss Piggy’s corn garden I do see farming, and I do see agriculture, but even more, I see . . nature . .
And after all, this is the CNN, the Country. . Nature . . . Network. . . . And I . . after all, am the . . Nature . . correspondent here at CNN, the Country . . Nature . . Network. . . . So I am sure you will all agree that . .I . . should be sitting directly in front of the gate. . . . Now if you will all help me move my desk in front of the gate I will proceed to . . .

Wolf, angry: Now just hold on one cotton pickin’ minute nature boy! . . . I will be the one sitting at the gate . .

Sunny: Dream on Wolf Blister . . I am the lady and Miss Piggy is a lady and so . .

M Piggy and Kermit come on stage as the others are yelling back and forth

Stone: The both of you are just being stubborn!

Wolf: I am head of the Situation Room!

Sunny: Don’t you two have it figured out? . .

Kermit: Hey what’s all the bellerin’ about?

M Piggy: We could hear you guys clean down in the valley, I thought it was like something crazy goin’ on up here.

Kermit: Like it was a big rock concert with like a gazillion fans screamin’ at the top of their lungs. . . Or maybe even an ice hockey game or somethin’.

Wolf: Well, we are gonna do a special broadcast on CNN about Miss Piggy’s corn garden. . . And these two amateurs don’t seem to understand that the chief correspondent . . that would be me . . . needs to be directly in front of the gate.

Stone: Well that’s just nonsense, that’s all it is . . .

Sunny: Exactly Stone, it should be me, Sunny Flowers, sitting in the position of importance!

Stone: I don’t think so Sunny, I, Stone Pastures am the natural choice and I . .

Sunny, Wolf and Stone shouting at each other, Kermit and M Piggy try to talk over them
Clarice Crow comes on stage holding ears

Clarice: What in tarnation is going on here? . . How do you expect a body to enjoy an afternoon nap with all this screaming going on around? . . I will have you guys know that I was in the middle of the most awesome dream . . I dreamed I was laying on a beach in Bermuda and 18 robins were hand feeding me cracked corn pellets. . .. And you guys had to go and wake me up!

Wolf: Well, I am sorry to disturb your rest Clarice but these two want to . . .

Wolf, Sunny and Stone start yelling insults at each other again, Clarice tries to calm them

Clarice: People! . . . Just a minute here! . . . I said . . (screams) . . people!!!! . . . You people are not only interrupting my dream . . you are giving me a massive migraine . . . Now not one more word out of any of you or I shall go to the chairman of the board at CNN and inform him that I happened to see, while flying over the CNN studios last week, the three of you talking to other networks.

Wolf, Stone and Sunny react in shock

Wolf: We did no such thing!

Clarice: I have pictures and sound track . . . Now do I have silence?

Sunny: OK, as you say Clarice . .

Stone: I said my piece, I’m OK . .

Wolf looks down, says nothing

Clarice: Wolf?

Wolf: All right, all right, I’ll go along.

M Piggy: What I can’t figure out is you three, all working together and everything, arguing over a little thing like where you sit.

Kermit: I agree Miss Piggy, after all, they all work at the CNN studio, they are like a team. And to make a good program it takes all of you working together in harmony.

M Piggy: So right Kermie. Kinda like my corn garden here. To have a good corn crop I need lots of things working together, or there’s gonna be no corn at harvest time.

Wolf: I don’t follow you Miss Piggy, what do you mean lots of things working together?

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