Sower and the Seeds3

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 13:1-23
Part 3 of a 5 part series, (suitable for VBS or children’s programs), on the parable of the Sower.
The reporters at CNN, (which in this case is Country Nature Network), are connecting with Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy as Miss Piggy tries to grow a rock garden, (where real rocks are the anticipated crop), while the emphasis in Kermit’s life is being a “green” farmer following good environmentally sound practices.
The theme here is knowing what we need to grow in our lives and having God’s love growing in us.
The series includes some original music lyrics.

5 (in this segment, an additional character, Clarice the Crow, in some segments)
Wolf Blister, CNN Situation Room reporter
Stone Pastures, CNN Nature reporter
Sunny Flowers, CNN Agricultural reporter
Kermit the frog
Miss Piggy, the gorgeous pig

Set: TV studio, may be as elaborate or plain as you wish

Lighting: standard

Sound: This segment has only a short song “Farmin’ Green” written to the music of “It Isn’t Easy Being Green”. For a sample of the music do a search on Google.
Some segments have music which is available to DramaShare members at the “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”

Costumes: standard for CNN reporters, frog costume and pig costume for Kermit and Miss Piggy, (may be elaborate or basic)

Props: rocks, watering can

Sample of script:

M Piggy is on stage with watering can, “waters” the rocks, keeps checking the rocks, upset

M Piggy: This is sick! . . . I have a good mind to go back and demand a full refund!

M Piggy again waters, checks, more annoyed

M Piggy: OK, this about does it for me!

Kermit comes on stage, singing “Farmin’ Green” to tune of “It Isn’t Easy Being Green”

It's not that easy farmin’ green
Savin’ the planet for the farmers yet to come.

M Piggy: Kermit, what on earth are you goin’ on about . . green . . and . . farmin’ . . and . . whatever nonsense!

Kermit: Green. . . You know . . being kind to the environment . . the ecology . . using ecologically sound farming methods.

M Piggy: What is with the big words and stuff that makes no sense!

Kermit: Oh but that’s where you are very wrong Miss Piggy, the environment makes all the sense in the world.

M Piggy: I have a good mind to show you the world, from outer space!

Kermit: I sense some anger in your voice Miss Piggy.

M Piggy: You sense! . . I will give you a “sense”! . . . I am about to hiii-yah you!

Kermit: Please don’t do that Miss Piggy, my little green body bruises so easily, besides (shows profile) . . this face, you wouldn’t want to destroy a natural treasure.

M Piggy, furious: I will give you a natural treasure . . I will tear you frog leg from frog leg . . . I will take every bone in your body and mash it into mush . . I will . .

Stone, Sunny and Wolf rush on stage and separate M Piggy and Kermit

Sunny: People! . . Miss Piggy! . . Whatever is going on here?

M Piggy: Oh Mr. Green Grape here is goin’ on about bein’ some cockamamie green farmer.

Stone: Well, Kermit is a farmer, and he is green and all.

Wolf: Kermit, a green farmer? . . I think Kermit means a farmer who is careful to be kind to the environment.

Kermit: Well, it’s like in my song:
It's not that easy farmin’ green
Savin’ the planet for the farmers yet to come.

M Piggy: There he goes again, singin’ silliness!

Stone: Us guys at CNN, the Country Nature Network, we don’t see it as silliness at all Miss Piggy. All of us, whether farmers or broadcasters or just citizens, we gotta get more aware of the environment and how we can help.

M Piggy: Well, what I need help on right now is this dumb rock garden of mine.

Sunny: You’re planning a rock garden Miss Piggy, sweet. I have a rock garden, maybe I can help.

M Piggy: Well I can’t figure it out Sunny . . . I started out, got these lovely rocks.

Sunny: For sure they look like good rocks Miss Piggy.

M Piggy: Best rocks I could find, for sure!Then I got out this watering can, filled it with water, watered the rocks real good . . and . . . nothin’!

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