Severe Makeover3

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 15:1-7
Third in the series of 5 episodes based on a TV newscast from the time of Jesus’ ministry. This sketch has reference to Jesus calming the water, the Parables of the Good Samaritan, the Lost Sheep and the Lost Son.
Bart the Builder and Bev the Builder have renovation projects linked to parables and Bible happenings. And Nathan and Naomi are TV news reporters who interact with Bart and Bev.
Useful for children’s VBS programs.

Sketch 1: Severe Makeover Sinking House (Matt 7:21-27, Lk 16:19-31)
Sketch 2: Severe Makeover Boat (Mark 4:35-41, Lk 10:30-37)
This segment: Severe Makeover Fences
Sketch 4: Severe Makeover Palace (Lk 14:16-24, John 11:1-46)
Sketch 5: Severe Makeover Return (John 14:1-6)

Bible Reference: Luke 15:1-7, 11-24

Cast: 4 (male or female)
Builder Bart
Builder Bev
Nathan, TV reporter
Naomi, TV reporter

Set: Can be as minimal or elaborate as you wish
Set or backdrops can show the project, (houses, boat, fence), being renovated

Costumes: may be either traditional or contemporary

Props: mics and props found in a TV studio, hammers, saws, carpentry tools

Sample of script:

Naomi and Nathan are sitting in the TV studio

Nathan: Good evening viewers, this is . . . Newsy Nathan from Channel 12 . . with all the news that is news where you want the news and when the news is still news before it becomes old news!
For sure the last 24 hours has been some exciting around these parts. . .
Here is my partner in news, Naomi, with a recap of some of the happenings we will be reporting on tonight!

Naomi: We for sure do have a full slate of news stories tonight Nathan! . .

Nathan: Well, follow-up from last night, I went out on Jericho Road to check on the traveller who had been beaten up and robbed. Turns out he was befriended by another traveller.

Naomi: Kind of restores your faith in our neighbours doesn’t it Nathan?

Nathan: Well, fact is the fella who did the befriending wasn’t one of our folks . . seems like it was a foreigner, a fella from Samaria.

Naomi, shock: No way! . . Wow! . . Now that is something, what with all that’s going on between our people and the Samaritans.

Nathan: Shocker is that several of our people passed by the injured guy before the Samaritan fella came along. . . . This is some story, for all the details go to the Channel 12 website and click on “Jordan Road Assault”.

Naomi: Next up we have a report on our boat renovation project.

Nathan: Gotta tell you Naomi, the Severe Makeover Carpentry program just keeps getting better and better! . . . I was truly impressed with the makeover job that us guys did on that old boat!

Naomi: Bev the Builder and Bart the Builder hauled that boat out to the Sea of Galilee to check it out.

Nathan: I hear the storm on the sea was something fierce last night, hope that there wasn’t too much damage.

Naomi: Well let’s go on location to the Sea of Galilee . . How are things there Bev, Bart?

move to remote set

Bart: Beautiful day here Naomi, birds singing, water as smooth as glass.

Nathan: What about the effects of last night’s storm? . . . . We hear it was a doozie.

Bev: Well, yes and no Nathan. It started out a real killer wind and rain coming down in buckets. . . But sudden as it started storming it . . . ended.

Nathan: Funny thing with the weather on the Sea of Galilee . . Storm moves in quickly down the valley, then it moves off just as fast.

Bev, uncomfortable: Well, that’s the thing . . . The storm didn’t actually move off . .

Bart: Kinda more like . . stopped . . . in an instant actually.

Naomi: Sounds strange indeed. . . Any theories about what caused the wind and rain to stop?

Bart and Bev exchange uncomfortable glances

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