That Baby's Keeper

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 4:9

Theme:            A drama on baby dedication/baptism and the value that has for the child, the family and the church as a whole.


Bible Reference:         Genesis 4:9


Cast:                3 (m or f)


Set, Sound, Costumes:           standard


Special Instructions:   substitute baptism with dedication where appropriate


Time:             7


Sample of script:


Jordan & Danni come on stage talking


Jordan:            So I am really excited about being in church today!


Alex:               You mean Pastor promised to keep his sermon short?


Jordan:            You know Pastor has great sermons, time flies by when he preaches.


Alex:               I know, I was funnin’.


Danni comes on stage


Jordan:            Hi Danni, good to see you.


Danni:             Yeh, whatever.


Alex:               Seems like someone didn’t take their happy pills this morning.


Danni:             And what made you Miss Congeniality?


Jordan:            What’s wrong Danni, I have never seen you like this.


Danni:             Not sure why everybody needs to see me all happy and stuff!


Alex:               This is not at all like you Danni, what happened?


Danni:             Mom told me I had to come to church this morning, and I didn’t want to be here.


Alex:               You never miss church, what's so different this time?


Danni:             In case you missed it Alex, the whole service this morning is about baby baptism.


Alex:               Yes it is, isn’t that great?


Danni:             Cute perhaps . . .  not great.


Jordan:            What's so terrible about baby baptism?


Danni:             I have a better one for you . . . What’s right with baby baptism? . . . First off, the baby is not baptized, the baby is sprinkled,  . .  or just held by the pastor. . . . . Add to that the baby does not have clue one what is going on, other than maybe be scared out of its mind. So Jordan, tell me, what's right with baby baptism?


Jordan:            Baby baptism is an opportunity for the family to recognize the need to become a network of physical, emotional and spiritual support for the child.


Alex:               And it is a time for the family to publicly declare, before family, friends and God, their commitment to doing that.


Danni:             Look, I am totally clear on the importance of baby dedication for immediate family. . . . But why the big show in front of the entire congregation? . . . I mean, go ahead, get the family together, have a photo op and pictures with grandma and grandpa, that I can handle. . . . And yes the direct family and close friends should be promising before God to do their part in raising and guiding the child. . .  But to me anything further is more show than go.


Jordan:            So you are saying the congregation has no part in helping the child become a mature Christian?

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