Wabbits, Eggs, and Weasons for Easter

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 24
Children's Easter drama with simple "improv" singing.
A rabbit, an egg and a lot of silliness help provide the real reason for celebrating Easter.
Easily staged drama for children of all ages
Now where did that wabbit go?

Candy Hankins of Texas staged "Wabbits" and here's what she says:
The Wabbits program was a success. Our actors did really well, the script is funny yet potent and I enjoyed using people who don’t often get in the limelight. The rabbit was about 30 years old, the egg 48 yrs old, and instead of Pastor, we used “Granny” (my mom - 75 yrs old)who was working in her garden and just happened to catch a drift of the conversation while they were dying eggs on the porch. The younger set were my teen-aged fine arts students dressed to look younger.
We bring in several hundred unchurched children every Palm Sunday and have a program to share the gospel and then a huge egg hunt. Keeping the kids attention is a major challenge. I think it worked really well. We played a song from Tenth Avenue North “By Your Side” and it was a very powerful ending. So, we were able to minister to children and adults. My husband, who is our pastor, was very pleased. Thank you so much for your help and suggestions.

Cast: (any may be male or female)
The Easter Egg
Willy Wabbit
Pastor (or leader in the church)
Charlie, smaller child
Becky, negative kind of character
Norm, a "chip on the shoulder" kind of character
Tony, swings from negative to positive during drama
Sue, the positive person

Props:Need eggs and paint brushes for painting, (plastic eggs would be best), at a table at center stage

Costumes:All children and Pastor are dressed in usual attire. Egg and Willy would likely, but not necessarily, be dressed as an egg and a bunny. If full costumes are not available, you can very easily make do with just a hint of rabbit ears, sandwich board-type shape of an egg, etc.

Sample of script

Charlie comes on stage where a group of children are painting Easter eggs at table.

Charlie:Hi, Becky, what are you guys doing?
Becky:Doing? What does it look like we're doing? I tell you, what a silly question!
Norm:We're flying our model airplanes, yeh, that's it!
Tony:Yeh, or maybe playing baseball, maybe!
Becky:You sure do ask silly questions, Charlie Anderson!
Sue:Aw, don't be hard on Charlie, you guys! We're painting Easter eggs, Charlie, why don't you come and help us. See, we are painting all of our eggs red.
Becky:Well, Charlie's gotta bring his own egg, we don't have any extra eggs for Charlie.
Charlie:But, I don't have an egg.
Norm:Then you don't have an Easter! No way you're having my egg!
Charlie starts to cry
Sue:You guys, now you've made Charlie cry! Come here, Charlie, who cares about an Easter egg anyway?
Becky:Who cares, you ask? Who cares if you have an Easter egg at Easter?
Tony:Everyone has an Easter egg! I mean, without an Easter egg, there's no Easter, duh!
Charlie cries even harder
Sue:Now look what you've done, you have really made poor Charlie real sad this time! Who needs an Easter egg!
Easter Egg comes on stage
Egg:What was that I heard? Who needs an Easter egg? Just everyone, that's what! Without me, Easter's cancelled! Actually, without me, Easter never started in the first place!
Tony:See, what did I say, didn't I tell you?
Charlie cries harder
Sue:You guys are listening to some overstuffed egg?
Egg:Not just some egg, I'll have you know! I am (emphasize) The (end of emphasis) Easter Egg!
Egg starts marching in a circle around the stage.

Egg, chants, sing-song:
Me, I'm The Easter Egg, I'm the reason for Easter Me, I'm The Easter Egg, I'm the reason for Easter.

Egg waves to others, says:
Come on you guys, let's celebrate the reason for Easter - me!

All of the children march around the stage, following Egg, sing:
He is The Easter Egg, He is the reason for Easter! He is The Easter Egg, He is the reason for Easter!

Willy Wabbit comes on stage

Willy:What's all the wacket out here? (looks at Egg) And, who's the soufflé?

Egg:I beg your pardon. I happen to be the one, and the only, The Easter Egg, the reason for Easter!
Willy, laughs uproariously:
Hey, that's a good one! Mr. Sunny-Side-Up says he's the weason for Easter! I wove it! Gotta tell this one to the guys at the cawwot patch! Come on guys, let's show the little eggy-poo who weally is the weason for Easter!

Willy, marches around the stage, singing,
Me, I'm The Easter Wabbit, I'm the weason for Easter

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