Last Shepherd Enhanced Christmas Concert

  • Cast Number: 15
  • Run-time: 45 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

A humorous look at the importance of tradition and traditional values as an integral and continuing component in the Christmas message. Ends with a strong Christian message. Useful for outreach, yet very relevant for church members as well.

Cast: 15 or more, (including narrator).
All actors except Mrs. McQueen would likely be, or be made up to appear as, teenagers. Mrs. McQueen would be, or would appear to be, an older person. Any of the actors may be male or female.

Costumes: All actors would wear regular leisure clothing. There would be shepherds costumes, beards, staff, slings for all actors who play shepherd roles

Set: One side of the set is used as drama begins, actors later move to the opposite side. The division is created only by subtle lighting, (see below). There might be a Christmas tree to indicate season, and possibly some wall signs to indicate a church building, otherwise the set is very plain.

Lighting: As action switches from the opening to the active side of stage, use lighting to make this move apparent to audience. Otherwise, use lighting very sparingly.

Sample of script:

Frank: Hi, Florence, whatcha up to?

Florence: Five foot seven.

Frank: All right, big yuk! OK, really, what are you doing here at church?

Florence: Heard the bank was giving out free samples. I rushed right over. Turns out it’s the blood bank. (heavy accent) My name is Count Dracula! (eerie laugh)

Frank: What gives with you and the lousy jokes?

Florence: Lousy jokes? Why I’ll have you know I am proud of my lousy jokes! And I’ll have you know someone likes my lousy jokes!

Frank: Too bad the someone has to be you.

Florence: No, my mother actually.

Frank: She’d be used to jokes, she had to live with you, didn’t she?

Florence: You know, I don’t have to stand here and listen to your rude remarks about my jokes.

Florence starts to skip

Frank: OK, so what are you doing now?

Florence: Like I told you, I don’t have to stand here, so I’m not, I’m skipping here.

Frank: You know, there’s one thing I like about your humor.

Florence: Really? Great! What’s that?

Frank: I have no idea, but somewhere there must be something I like about your humor!

Florence, (Jack Benny method) : Now, cut that out!

Ralph comes on stage

Frank: Oh hi, Ralph, good to see you. I know it’s dangerous to ask this question, and I’ll probably regret it, but, what brings you to church today?

Ralph: Well in case you forgot, it is our youth group meeting tonight. I’m just out for a few laughs.

Florence: Have I got a deal for you! Did you hear the one about the grizzly and the chiropractor?

Frank: Yes, Florence, Ralph, and everyone else in the world, has heard the one about the grizzly and the chiropractor!

Ralph: Wait a minute, Frank, I don’t think I have heard that one. Tell me the one about the grizzly and the chiropractor, Florence.

Florence: Grizzly’s got a sore back, goes to see the chiropractor.
Chiropractor tries everything. Grizzly’s back is still no better.
Finally, chiropractor says, “Sorry, I have to admit, there’s nothing I can do for you.” Grizzly says, “But Doc, how am I supposed to live with this bad back?” Doc, says, are you ready for this . . . . .

Florence and Frank together: Your just gonna hafta “grin and bear it!”

Florence: Do ya get it? “Bear it!” Grizzly. “Bear it.” Get it?

Frank: I tried to warn you, you just wouldn’t listen, would you?

Ralph: But I will know better for next time. You guys hear about the Christmas concert the church is planning this year?

Florence: Let’s see, the Christmas Concert the church is planning this year . . . . No, can’t say as I’ve heard that one. Wait, does it have something to do with three snakes and a bobcat?

Ralph: I’m not talking some of your crummy jokes here! I mean, (emphasize) the church is going to have a Christmas concert. Have you guys heard anything about it?

Florence: No, not really. But then, we always have a Christmas Concert at church at Christmas, so it’s not really late-breaking news.

Teresa and Nancy come on stage

Ralph: Teresa, hi Nancy.

Teresa: Hi Ralph. Frank. Florence.

Nancy: You guys here to sign up?

Frank: For the foreign legion? Can’t. Fallen arches.

Florence: I think that only counts if you are serving in Greece.

Teresa: The church Christmas concert.

Florence: Hadn’t planned on it. Actually hadn’t heard of it until five minutes ago, and then only thanks to Ralph here. Why do you suppose they didn’t contact me about one of the roles?

Frank: Probably remember your last acting masterpiece!

Florence: I resent that!

Nancy: As I recall, so did everyone in the audience!

Ralph: Will you guys quit your clowning around? I think it would be kind of nice to get involved in this play.

Frank: Wonder what the play is all about?

Teresa: Well, just so long as it isn’t another crummy “while shepherds watched their flocks by night” thing!

Ralph: You got that right!

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