Organized Christmas

  • Cast Number: 20
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

Updated, includes links to MP3 files

The kids are getting defective toys and they are going to fight back by unionizing. A comedy Christmas musical script, (could be ussed at any time of year), with a serious ending. Original music lyrics.

Cast: Seventeen speaking roles, however the number could very easily be reduced or expanded. Could be all children and youth or could include some adults
Dawn Rither is an on-location news anchor, very all-together, assertive
Correspondent Cheet Brunkley is very unprofessional, bumbling
Any of the cast may be male or female, although all being equal Tom, Andrew and Stan would best be male
Debbie would best be female, is a bit of an “airhead”
Betty, Andrew and Laura are likely to be more serious, thinking people

Set: Could be totally bare or may show as a large living room sceneIf possible have a separate acting stage, raised or set off to the side, for Cheet Brunkley and Mike, it could be separated by scrim to hide all activity behind until, using lights, the action is exposed.
(For details of scrim stage contact DramaShare)

Props: Each child will have a toy as indicated in script, (those not identified can have any small toy).
Mike has a computer
Phones (2)
Cheet Brunkley has over-sized hanky
Traditional items such as shepherds crooks, crowns for final scene

Sound: As available. Those actors who do not have wireless mics will have to appear to be interviewed by Dawn Rither.

Songs: (original songs by DramaShare) with links to download MP3 files
Mister Santa
Kids With Confidence
Let's See Santa Claus (to tune of Here Comes Santa Claus)
Christmas Is Over, Santa He Skip Town (song to Jamaica beat)
Baby Lord Jesus

Lighting: follow-spot would be very useful

Costumes: hints of traditional costuming such as scarves, etc. for final scene

Run-time: 45 - 60 minutes (depending on use of songs)

Sample of script:

Dawn Rither comes on stage, as though in conversation with unseen assistant, cameramen, staff downstage

Dawn: OK, I am here! This had better be good, disturbing me at Philippe Moireau’s party.
I really have no idea why I agreed to this. Helllloooo! May I remind you of just who I am? I am Dawn Rither, Network Anchor at Facts TV. It’s not in my contract that I get pulled away from holidays for some on-location gig!
(pause as though listening)
I am needed, you say? Whatever!
All I know, the network boss called me on my cell, said there is a story breaking here, get on it. What’s so special about some group trying to unionize? All I will say, this gorgeous face had better be on all stations across the board!
(pause as though listening)
Gary, what are you yelling about? You just make sure your camera is off to the left, that’s my best side!
(pause as though listening, reacts with double take, becomes very phony, smiling, pleasant and efficient, looks directly downstage)
Camera is rolling! Of course we are on air live!
Ladies and gentlemen, Dawn Rither of Facts TV, it is a great honor to be with you tonight, during these Christmas holidays. On behalf of all of the friendly people here at Facts TV, we trust that you and your loved ones have had a simply marvelous Christmas.
As you know, Facts TV is always there for you with breaking news, and so it is today. We are here on-location at (name of city and state), to bring you news of another public interest happening. Seems that a local group of young persons here are attempting to organize, band together, to right some perceived wrongs.
(holds her hand to her ear as though a message is coming in)
I understand that Correspondent Cheet Brunkley has a special report. Cheet, are you there?

Correspondent Cheet Brunkly comes on upper stage, lights up behind scrim. Cheet is very sad, hanky in hand, speaks slowly, wipes tears from eyes, blows nose loudly. At the end correspondent leaves the stage sobbing loudly

Correspondent Cheet:
T’was the night after Christmas
And all through the world
Not a single toy standing
Nor one pleased boy or girl.
The toys last night Santa
Brought in with a bound,
Were now in the trash can,
No sign of life found.

The Barbies were hairless,
Their golden locks stripped.
And poor Ken unclothed
With his jump suit all ripped.

Dear sweet Builder Bob
And his dearest friend Wendy,
Proved, all doubts aside,
Scoop and Rolley were bendy.

What a difference a day made,
Gifts which came Christmas morning,
By mid-afternoon signalled
A garbage dump warning.

The snow on the lawn
Once with hoof prints displayed,
Now appears a toy war zone,
A fright I’m afraid.

Now at last it is bedtime
And so off to sleeping
Are children and parents
And all of them weeping.

Kid’s hopes of great Christmas gifts
Now all lying dead,
Have dreams of disasters
In tiny young heads.

As my clock strikes its numbers
Showing gift giving’s past,
“Merry Christmas Mattel,
Can’t you make your stuff last?”

Correspondent Cheet leaves stage, crying loudly

Dawn watches as all actors wander on stage carrying their toys

Dawn: Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that these are the militant group. I will attempt to get in closer.

Tom: Hi Jill, had a good Christmas?

Jill: Yeh, it was ok.

Tom: Don’t get so excited!

Jill: No, like I said Tom, it was ok.

Andrew: What did you get for Christmas, Jill?

Jill: Hi Andrew, I got Cool Dude Harry.

Terry: Wow! With the super-charged blast-off side burner?

Jill: Yeh, right, Terry! Some super charged!

Andrew: Oh, man, are you some kind of lucky! I asked for Cool Dude Harry, all I got was this lame wind-up Land Rover!

Jill: Care to trade Andrew?

Andrew: Actually, Jill, my Land Rover isn’t working, you wouldn’t want it.

Jill: Well Cool Dud Luke is stone cold too.

Terry: Cool Dud? That’s cute.

Dawn: Excuse me, Dawn Rither here, may I have a word with you? Jill, was your name?

Jill: Yes.

Dawn: May I see your gift? (examines toy) Oh my, not great! My nose for the news tells me this is an inferior piece of work! (pauses, holds fingers to ear) Oh my, yes, I do recall that the suppliers of Cool Dud, er, Cool Dude Luke sponsored our Pre-Christmas News Extravaganza, . .(examines doll again) my guess is this particular doll was damaged in the delivery, you know how the Postal Service treats packages. (holds fingers to ear again) Of course the Postal Service, sponsors of our weekly “Cross the Nation News Special” do an outstanding job for the citizens of this nation!

Jill: What did you guys get?

Debbie: Baby Talksalot, except everything she says comes out backwards.

Tom: That would make conversation difficult.

Debbie: You’re tellin’ me. I wasn’t quick enough to figure out what “repaid wen a deen I” meant.

Terry: “Repaid wen a deen I?” Let’s see, backwards, that would be “I need a new diaper” why would that be such a big problem?

Debbie: Baby Talksalot is also Baby Drinksalot!

Dawn: Excuse me, may I have a word with you please?

Tom: Who are you again?

Dawn: Dawn Rither, Facts TV Network, you have likely seen me a gazillion times on TV.

Tom: Nope, can’t recall ever seeing you.

Dawn, hurt: You’re sure? I am very famous TV personality.

Debbie: TV? Of course we remember you, Dina Ritters, why . . .

Dawn: Dawn Rither, that’s Dawn Rither . . .

Debbie: Exactly! I am looking for a big TV break. Do you think you could get me on the network? I am a singer.
(starts to sing badly and off key)
Christmas, Christmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss

Dawn: Uhhhhhhh, we will get back to you, now then, what’s happening here?

Tom: Well, like you heard, us kids are sick and tired of the toy quality and we are out to do something about it.

Dawn, in disbelief: Let me get this straight . . . this whole issue has to do with . . . toy quality?

as each un-miked actor has lines they move to Dawn’s mic and she “interviews them” with a kind of shocked attitude, rolling her eyes, keeps looking at her watch as though wanting to be finished

Mary, moves to Dawn’s mic: Exactly! Take my Christmas experience. My uncle gave me a “Super Star Gas Station” with real grease, my aunt gave me a new comforter for my bed, and when I played with the service station on my bed my mom gave me a lecture and twelve days of dish washing assignment.

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