Pastor Shepherds

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

When three puppets get together to tell the Christmas story they, well, don't get it quite right, but they do make some good points. Shepherds tell the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus through puppets.


3 puppets, either male or female

Francis is mature, with-it character
Terry is unsure of self
Billie is less than cerebral

Sample of script:

Puppets still back stage, speak

Terry: Psssssssssttt.

Billie: What is it Terry? What ya pssssssssstin’ about?

Francis: Terry, Billie! Will you guys knock it off? It’s crowded back here ya know!

Billie: Ouch! Will you look out where you are throwin’ your elbows puhleaaase!

Francis: Will both of you keep your voices down, tryin’ to sleep back here, case your interested!

Billie: Sorry Francis.

Terry: What’s goin’ on out there? Can ya see anything Billie?

Billie pokes head out, looks around, comes on stage

Billie: Looks like a buncha kids.

Terry: Oh, well, that’s not so bad. Sure there’s no grownups, huh?

Billie, looking around: Well, ya, there’s grownups too, whole buncha them, actually.

Terry: The kids, what are they doin’?

Billie: To me, looks like they are getting’ ready for Children’s church.

Terry: Oh no! I was afraid of that! Hey, Billie, see anything of (name of Sunday School coordinator)?

Billie: Yeh, s/he’s right out there!

Terry: Yikes! Everybody hide quick!

Francis: OK, OK, now you two have done it! I was sleepy, now you’ve just done it, woke me up, I’ll never get back to sleep!

(Francis comes on stage) Terry, now would you mind too much telling me what's all the racket?

Billie: Yeh, Terry, why’re you so worried about (name of Sunday School coordinator) being in the congregation?

Terry, comes on stage: Well, duhhhhhhhh! What season is it, huh? What season is it?

Francis: Season? Well, it’s Christmas season, we all know that!

Terry: Prrrreeeeeeeecisly! (shakes head) Some people, gotta explain every last thing!

Billie, shakes head negatively: Oh, gotcha! (pause) Tell me, why have I gotcha, Terry, huh?

Terry: Christmas! Try, (name of Sunday School coordinator), and, and . . smelly beards! Now you got the picture, I expect!

Francis: You know, Terry, sometimes you are impossible to figure out. Other times, like now, you are impossibler. Exactly what does (name of Sunday School coordinator) have to do with smelly beards and what does that have to do with Christmas?

Terry: Two words! Shepherds.

Billie: Technically that’s one word but I do get your drift, Terry. (pause) Uhhhhhhh, any clue you want to give me what your drift, which I most certainly have got, is all about? Huh?

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