Uncommercialized Christmas

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2:19-20

Theme:            This comedy script speaks of how Christmas has become so hectic, commercialized and expensive. Has Christmas become simply a time to over-spend and under appreciate the real meaning of the Christmas season?
Isn’t the reason for Christmas . . . “This do in remembrance of me?”

Bible Reference:         Luke 22:19


Cast:                3, male or female, 20’s to middle age


Set:                blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            Christmas decorations


Time:             7




Will comes on stage struggling with an armload of Christmas decorations, they fall out of his arms, he tries to pick them up

Phil and Bill come on stage


Phil:                 Here, let me give you a hand Will.


Bill:                 Are you planning to sell these Christmas decorations Will?


Will:                Sell? . . What are you talking about Bill, I just bought these for decorating my living room. . . And I have another big load to bring in yet.


Bill:                 All this, in your living room?


Phil:                 I have been in your living room Will. . . It is tiny. . . No way you’ll have room for all this.


Will:                No room? . .  Phil, maybe you are forgetting . . . it is . . Christmas! . . . And when it is . . . Christmas . .  we need to . . . celebrate! . . . Duh!


Phil:                 I get that Will . . . but do you think just maybe you might be going a bit overboard?


Will:                What is with you guys? . .  How often does Christmas come around at your house?


Bill:                 Christmas comes once a year for us, but the reminder of Christmas must come every time you read your credit card statement.


Will:                Not so Bill! . . . Oh I admit that in past years we used to have a huge credit card bill to pay for Christmas, but no more. . . uh uhh!


Bill:                 Care to share your secret? . . . Won the ( name of local lottery)? . . . Rich uncle died and left you a few mill?


Will:                Like that’s gonna happen! . . Nope, this year I went out and took out a second mortgage on my house. . .  No more credit card bills for this kid, I tell yuh!


Phil:                 Okkkkkkk . . .  Let’s leave the financial behind for a minute, . . .  difficult though that is to do. . . . A logistical question? . . . Where do you plan to store all this stuff when Christmas is over?


Will:                Oh no, we don’t hold on to Christmas decorations. . . After Christmas we give all the decorations away, start from scratch next year.


Bill:                 But you had to mortgage your house for this stuff this year . . where are you going to get the money for Christmas next year?


Will, frowns, thinks:    
Well, actually, fact is we haven’t entirely thought that through just yet. But no matter, we kinda like living in the now. . . Know what I mean?


Phil:                 It pains me but I think I do know what you mean.


Will:                The big expensive part of Christmas is still to come. . . Presents for the family. . . , Man but presents are expensive nowadays! Last year I spent close to $300 on each of my 4 kids. And with inflation I just shudder to think what the damages will be this Christmas!


Bill, shock:       $300? . . . Whoa! . .


Will:                Well look Bill; you got 5 kids and a wife, you trying to tell me you got away with spending less than $300 on each of them?


Bill:                 Janet and I spent less than $300 on our total Christmas gifts for the entire family.


Will, shock:      $300? . . . On the entire family? . . . Now look Bill, far be it from me to tell you how to live your life, but my thinking is kids deserve better at Christmas.


Phil:                 You have young children Will. What could you buy them that would cost $300?


Will:                Oh that is where you are bad wrong Phil. Even little Janey, she just turned three, we bought her “Hurry Up Barbie” complete with an electric car. . .  I gotta tell you, that is some amazing toy! . . . Well, at least it was until the electric motor in the car shorted out and burned up the car, and Barbie . . and a big hole in the living room carpet.

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