Childrens Christmas Program

  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

A children's program for Christmas concert for Sunday School program, recitations, singing, for 2 year olds and up. Easily adapted to numbers and application. DramaShare can rewrite the script as required to accomodate more (or less) children in individual age categoriesSample of script:

2 Year Olds – Who Is Jesus?

Leader: Who is Jesus?
1st child: Jesus is love
2nd child: Jesus is happiness
3rd child: Jesus is kindness
4th child: Jesus is warmth
5th child: Jesus is my friend

Sing song

3 Year Olds – About Jesus’ Birth

Leader: Tell me some things about Jesus’ birth.
1st child: Born in a manger
2nd child There were animals
3 rd child: There were angels
4th child: Shepherds came
5th child: Wise men brought gifts
6th child: Mary was Jesus’ mom
7th child: Angels sang songs
8th child: People came to see Him
9th child: Christmas is His birthday
10th child: God sent Jesus
11th child: Jesus came from heaven
12th child: Jesus will always be here
13th child: Jesus loves me
All: I love Jesus!

All sing song

Age 4 Happy Birthday Acronym

H Happy birthday, baby Jesus
A Angel's voices all around.
P Purest love this night came down.
P Placed among the fragrant hay
Y You are born, our King today!
B Bethlehem, the town asleep.
I In a stable, with the sheep.
R Roughest lumber for your manger,
T The star above to guide the strangers.
H Happy Mary, Joseph proud, watching o'er the little boy.
D Down below the shepherds wake, listen to the songs of joy.
A Angels bathed in glorious light,
Y You are born, the King, tonight.

all sing a carol

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