The Birthday Party

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
This drama is an update of “The Birthday Party”, using additional actors. It revolves around the way that the world celebrates Christmas by having a holiday, giving themselves gifts, indulging themselves. Since the only reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth, (and thereby the birthday), of Jesus Christ, this drama looks at what would happen if a group of people got together on a friend's birthday and totally ignored the person whose birthday it was.

Any number of extra actors can be used, milling around as they would at a party. All actors except Jessie have party hats, noisemakers, etc. Sample of script:

Drama opens with Jessie sitting separately in a corner, away from the rest of the party. The other people are loud and boisterous, shaking hands with each other, totally ignoring Jessie.

Balance of actors come in, singing, loud and off key:

Happy birthday to what's her name,
Happy birthday to what's her name,
It's nice that we can have a party!
Happy birthday to what's her name.

Bill: By the way can someone tell me, whose birthday is it anyway?
Gloria: I have no idea, what difference does it make?
Anna: Yeh, that's kind of a dumb question Bill! Who cares whose birthday it is!
Frank: Absolutely! The important thing is that we get a day off work. Anybody who does have to work gets double time and a half.
Gloria: Right and we get lots of presents! Awesome!
Tanya: You know, I seem to remember not getting as many presents as you at the last birthday party. That made me a little upset.
Bill: Was it your birthday party?
Tanya: No! What is that supposed to do with it?
Bill: Well, I just don't understand why you would expect a birthday present at someone else's birthday.
Marvin: So, if I get this straight then, what you propose is to have birthday parties only for the person whose birthday it is. Is that correct?
Bill: Yes, yes, that's exactly it.
Marvin: I must say, very revolutionary! (muses) My birthday I get the presents. Her birthday she gets the presents. His birthday he gets the presents. Well, I suppose it could work, would take some getting used to, however.
Judy: But really, how is this supposed to work? So we come to someone's birthday party, and what do we do? We don't get to open any presents. All we could do is to sit around, saying Happy Birthday and stuff. Pretty boring stuff I'd say!
Bill: But it is someone's birthday, isn't it?
Anna: That has to be the stupidest question I've ever heard, Bill! Of course it's someone's birthday. If it wasn't do you think we would be here at a birthday party? And we would have all these decorations and stuff?
Gloria: Good grief! Do you think we would be giving birthday presents if it wasn't a birthday. Man you are weird!

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