The New King in Town

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 2:1-11
The three wise men are searching for the new king in all the wrong places, until their stable boy makes a startling discovery

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, looks around in the skies, smiles, shakes head as in memory

Beautiful night, isn’t it?
Reminds me of a time . . . a lifetime ago it seems.
Back when I was only a child.
When I was a child? Truly that was a lifetime ago, for now I am old.
How the time flies!
Surely it seems as though it were . . . yesterday.
points up in the sky
See that star?
There was a star, about in that position, on that night, long ago.
Only brighter . . . much brighter.
Like the moon at it’s fullest, but much brighter.
Eerie, is what it was.
But peaceful.
looks out at audience, ashamed
Where are my manners?
Forgive me, my name is Darius . . . Darius the camel boy as I was known back then.
pauses, as though listening, frowns
I looked after the camels.
I was indentured to King Gaspar, a wise old man, a truly fine gentleman in every sense of the word.
It was my duty to see to the fine camels in King Gaspar’s stable. A duty I took most seriously for sure.
Though I was but a lowly stable servant, . . . . in reality not much more than a slave, . . still not all could claim to work for the king himself.
King Gaspar seemed to take a liking to me, talking with me when looking over his famous herd of racing camels. He told me of the bloodlines, of some of the famous camels which had been raised and trained right there in my stable.
And, sometimes, the King spoke of the subject which most excited him, the coming of a king across the western desert, the home of the Jewish people.
Sometimes the king would invite me to read from ancient scrolls which he had accumulated in his library. Although my reading skills were scant, the obvious excitement of the king spurred me on to try to pick out the gist of the story.
King Gaspar told of how this king . . this so-called Messiah, would come to rule over the Jewish people.

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