Angels in the Outfield

  • Cast Number: 20
  • Run-time: 45 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
There is the final game of the Little League World Series being played and all is well . . Pitcher is the one and only star on the team, but that’s all that’s needed since she not only has never had one of her pitches hit EVER, and she also has hit three home runs in the game. This assures victory . . . well, almost assures victory.
But also in the outfield are three Angels, three players who REALLY are AWFUL at baseball . . and that’s why they are put way out there where the ball is NEVER going to go anyhow . . . we hope!
But while the game is going on the actors are remembering the Sunday School concert rehearsals that are also a priority . . for Mrs. Miles, the Sunday School leader.
Action switches back and forth between the baseball field and the church gym.
All baseball action is mimed, and some mime practice will be needed as the ball is “thrown” around the field, and is hit.
The Umpire, the catcher, and the batters, (as well as Mrs. Miles), are unseen, their presence is “at a downstage location”. Their voices are offstage.
An interesting and fun drama, the focus of which is the Manger scene of the Christmas concert.
Any number of actors beyond 20 can be used, (although some doubling up of roles could reduce the number of actors). If more children are available some of the Rehearsal dialog could be done by those not in Baseball segments.

Cast: 20 (+ or -)
8 speaking parts (baseball scene)
9 speaking parts (Christmas concert scene)
Ump and Mrs. Miles offstage voices
1 base runner, no spoken lines
as many actors as possible for manger scene

Set: May be elaborate or totally plain. Could use a backdrop of baseball field to be alternated with backdrop of church gym
NOTE that the transition from baseball diamond to church gym could be done with lighting, with use of a curtain or simply announced

Costumes: Baseball actors should have some uniforms
When baseball players go to rehearsal scenes they drop baseball glove and pick up some small item such as a star, a shepherds crook, angel wings, etc.
Those actors which are only in Manger scene could have full traditional costuming

Props: baseball gloves, baseball bases

Lighting: sufficient light control to fade to dark during transitions

Sound: sound effect of bat hitting ball

Special Instructions:
A substantial amount of time needs to be spent on miming throwing and catching ball to make it look real, also for actors watching “as one person” as the unseen ball is hit and flies out across the field. For further mime information see our “DramaClub Training manual” at the “Training” link on the DramaShare website.

Sample of script:

in darkness Ump’s voice is heard

Ump voice: Steerikkeee Three! Batter is out!Side is retired; we go to bottom of the 9th inning.

lights up, actors go to their positions on the field

Pitcher: Well, I hope you guys are thankful that I, your ace pitcher, has hit another homerun that inning . . . for a total of three home runs in the game . . And . . I have successfully pitched another no hitter, seventh of the season, I might add . . . . for those who are keeping score, that is.

ball is coming to first base, caught

Short: How can we not keep score, you are also your own game day announcer!

first base throws to second base who catches

Pitcher: Now, now, no need to be jealous, just ‘cause I am the star on the whole team.

second base throws to third base who catches

First: Also your own cheering section.

third base throws to shortstop who catches

Pitcher: Quickly now, everyone to their places on the diamond . .. Not that it really matters, I mean, like anyone is ever going to hit any of my pitches anyhow.

shortstop throws to Angel 1 who misses the ball, everyone watches the ball bounce around, all Angels try to catch it, go after it, bump into each other

Pitcher: Will you three Angels pick up that ball, toss it here, the inning is about to start.

Angels continue without success to get the ball

Pitcher: Enough already!

shortstop picks up the ball, throws it to Pitcher who catches it

Pitcher: I don’t know why we had to have you three Angels on our team anyhow.

Second: Sure you do, we didn’t have enough players and the three Angels were the only players available.

Third: How do you like that, every one of them named Angel. Guess you could say we got Angels in the outfield.

Pitcher: And every one a total disaster as a baseball player!

Ump voice: Batter ahhhuupppp!

Pitcher: Alright now, here we go! Hey batter person, what pitch would you like to see this time? . . . Sinker, slider, knuckle ball . . or do you want just the same three pitches that totally went way beyond your ability last three time you came up to the plate?

pause as though listening, pitcher’s mouth open wide in shock, other actors snicker behind their gloves

Pitcher, reacting hurt / angry: Well see here, no reason to be mean, just ‘cause I am so much better ball player than you . . . and better than everyone else on your team . . . and better than everyone on my team too! Well, just you take this . . .

Pitcher goes into windup and “throws” the ball

Ump voice: Steerikkeee one!

Pitcher: How da ya like that, batter person! Teach you to say bad things about me, being the star of the whole league and all!OK now then, here’s one more straight down the middle!

Pitcher goes into windup and “throws” the ball

Ump voice: Baaallllll one! One and one!

Pitcher: In case you wondered, that was an on-purpose ball, OK?

Shortstop: Atta way to keep ‘em honest Pitcher!

all players except Angels are intently watching the game, Angels are kicking at the dirt, looking around, picking flowers, yawning

First: Will you Angels pay attention to the game!

Pitcher: Leave them be, nobody’s gonna connect with my pitches anyhow.

Angel1, annoyed, glaring at Pitcher: You big meanie!

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