Christmas Bridges

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 5:14

Children are searching for the best good, big, cheap, genuine Christian Christmas gift for the pastor, and they find that what the pastor really wanted was for them to step out and show Christian love to those who needed it most by building bridges

Is set up in four scenes in order to insert some Sunday school or musical presentations, but could be run as one continuous drama.

Cast: 8 m or f, likely young or pre-teen

Props: electric candles for each actor

Lighting: ability to darken the set would be useful

Sample of script:

Scene I

Ashley, Dorothy, Alex and Florence are sitting or standing around

Ashley: So Pastor Leyton, he says, “We gotta go build bridges!”
Dorothy: Bridges? . . . Like who at Ebenezer Church knows how to build a bridge?
Florence: For sure not me, I’m not that good at geography.
Alex: Well one thing I know is that . . . (does double take, confused) . . . “geography?” . . Mind telling us what geography has to do with building bridges?
Florence: Geography is the science that helps a guy figure out bridge building and weight and stress and all that stuff. Personally it's not one of my strengths, gotta tell ya!
Dorothy: Could’a fooled me Florence. . . . But there must be someone at Ebenezer Church knows how to build a bridge.
Ashley: Well, my Dad can do that with a flick of his wrist but, average people, . . . I think not!
Alex: Listening to you Ashley, your dad can walk on water.
Ashley, thinks: “Walk on water”? . . . Let’s see. . . What would the relative density of this water be?
Florence: My dad can walk on water. . if the water is frozen . . and if he is wearing skates.
Alex: I’ll just throw this out there but my guess is that Pastor Leyton isn’t talking about hockey.
Ashley: Your comprehension never fails to amaze me Alex.
Dorothy: OK, do we go back to talking about this building a bridge thingie?
Florence: Did Pastor Leyton say we were to each build a bridge or one big bridge?
Ashley: Has to be several bridges.
Florence: How do you know that?
Ashley: I heard him clearly say something about building bridges. Plural.
Alex: Plural?
Dorothy: As in more than one.
Alex: Gotcha. . . . What colour?
Ashley: Not sure, but he did give the bridge a name.
Alex: And that would be . . .?
Ashley: Love.
Alex: Love?
Ashley: Love.
Dorothy: Wow. So we got us a bridge with a name but without a bridge.
Florence: This is getting way too complicated.
Ashley: Makes perfect sense to me.
Alex: Doesn’t that prove it?
Dorothy: I have an idea . . Rather than a bridge, let’s get a nice Christmas present for Pastor Leyton.
Ashley: What could we get Pastor Leyton?
Florence: A clock.
Ashley: A clock? How would a clock have meaning?
Florence: My dad always says Pastor Leyton needs a clock to tell him when time’s up on his long winded sermons.
Dorothy: Now that is just wrong!

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