Christmas Bridges2

  • Cast Number: 19
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 5:14

Children are searching for the best good, big, cheap, genuine Christian Christmas gift for the pastor, and they find that what the pastor really wanted was for them to step out and show Christian love to those who needed it most by building bridges
Set up in four scenes in order to insert some Sunday school or musical presentations, but could be run as one continuous drama.
NOTE: This is a shortened version of the script “Christmas Bridges”. In this (shorter) version an additional 11 minor roles have been added.

Cast: 19 m or f, likely young or pre-teen

Set: none

Props: electric candles for each actor

Costumes, sound: standard

Lighting: ability to darken the set would be useful

Sample of script:

Scene I

Ashley, Risa, Branden and Erica are sitting or standing around

Ashley: So Pastor Bill, says, “We gotta go build bridges!”
Risa: Bridges? . . . Like who at Ebenezer Church knows how to build a bridge?
Ashley: Well, my Dad can do that with a flick of his wrist but, average people, . . . I think not!
Branden: Listening to you Ashley, your dad can walk on water.
Ashley, thinks: “Walk on water”? . . . Hmmmm. . . Let’s see. . . What would the relative density of this water be?
Erica: My dad can walk on water. . if the water is frozen . . and he’s on skates.
Branden: My guess is Pastor Bill isn’t talking about hockey.
Erica: Did Pastor Bill say we each build a bridge or one big bridge?
Ashley: Has to be several bridges.
Erica: How do you know that?
Ashley: I heard him clearly say something about building bridges. Plural.
Branden: Plural?
Risa: As in more than one.
Branden: Gotcha. . . . What colour?
Ashley: Not sure, but he did give the bridge a name.
Branden: And that would be . . .?
Ashley: Love.
Branden: Love?
Ashley: Love.
Risa: Wow. So we got us a bridge with a name but without a bridge.
Erica: This is getting way too complicated.
Risa: I have an idea . . Instead of a bridge, let’s get a nice Christmas present for Pastor Bill.
Ashley: What could we get Pastor Bill?
Erica: A clock.
Ashley: Why a clock?
Erica: My dad says Pastor Bill needs a clock to tell him when time’s up on his long sermons.
Risa: Now that is just wrong!
Ashley: You guys aren’t helping . . we gotta think up a gift for Pastor Bill here.
Krista, Brittany, Chelsea, Emma, Riley & Hayley come on stage carrying unlit candles, very unhappy
Ashley, pointing to them: Who are they, they look really sad.
Risa: Yeh, wonder what’s wrong?
Branden: No one should be so sad at Christmas.
Erica: Well don’t just stand there you guys, someone talk to them.
Ashley: Hi, is there something wrong?
Krista: No. . no, it's OK.
Erica: Well we were just saying that you look really sad, we wondered if maybe there's something we can do to help.
Brittany: No one can help us.
Branden: Maybe not, but I bet we could sure try.
Chelsea, smiles: Well, it’s nice of you to be concerned, but . ..
Ashley: What's your names?
Krista: Krista. And these are my sisters, Brittany and Chelsea.
Chelsea: And these are our friends Emma, Riley and Hayley.
Branden: I had a hamster named Krista. He died.
Risa: “He”? . . . Branden, maybe it slipped by you but Krista is a girl’s name.
Branden, frowns: You sure? . . Wow! Think I was wrong calling his mother “Norm”?
Ashley: Don’t pay any attention to Branden Krista. He has a slight but on-going problem with reality.
Brittany, giggles: You guys are fun.
Emma: Goofy maybe.
Riley: Goofy for sure.
Hayley: Well I am far too nice to say things like that.
Erica: You know those are about the nicest smiles I ever did see.
Ashley: Just one little thing to make the smile complete.
Ashley turns on their candles
Ashley: Now doesn’t that look better?
Krista, big smile: I didn’t know it could do that . . Thanks guys!
Risa: You guys! This is all wonderful and peachy, but we are getting nowhere with deciding on a gift for Pastor Bill!
Branden: How about a brand new set of golf clubs?
everyone looks at Branden in amazement
Erica: Do you like have any idea how much golf clubs cost?
Branden: I got money . . . (pulls some coins out of pocket) . . Let’s see . . . ten, twenty, sixty, eighty five . . my guess I got a buck ten here, counting pennies.
Risa: If we all can match Mr. Banker here we could have like enough money to buy . . nothing worthwhile, actually.
Ashley, looks directly into the audience, frustrated: This is what I call a frustrating experience!
lights off

Scene II

lights up and all actors on stage
Ashley: OK, so back to this Christmas present for Pastor Bill . . where do we sit on this project?
Branden: Well, remember how far we got on that last time? . . Well we doubled our progress since then.

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