Childrens Christmas Program2

  • Cast Number: 76
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis

Children’s parts for a small, easily organized Christmas program where children say short lines that form an acronym. A Christmas carol can be inserted after each segment. We suggest that the words spoken by the children be displayed on PowerPoint behind the children so that no words are lost by the audience.
As written the following are the parts and age groups:
2 & 3 year olds: 7
4 year olds: 5
Kindergarten & Grade 1: 18
Grade 2: 10
Grade 3: 10
Grade 4: 8
Grade 5 & 6 Girls: 7
Grade 5 & 6 Boys: 11
Can be expanded or reduced, and segments can be used for other age groups. DramaShare can alter this program to meet the exact numbers in your classes, contact us.

Sample of script:

2 & 3 year olds (optionally use the stronger voices)

1st child: We're all here together
2nd child: We've got a date.
3rd child: We're so excited!
4th child: We can't wait!
5th child: Everything's ready!
6th child: Nobody's late.
7th child: Come on, get happy!
All: Let's celebrate!

All clap hands

4 Year olds

S Santa’s got my note in hand
H Hope he remembers Spiderman
I But I hope you guys understand
N It's not Santa, Jesus is the reason
E For this happy Christmas season

K & Grade 1:

H Happy birthday, baby Jesus
A Angel's voices all around.
P Purest love this night came down.
P Placed among the fragrant hay
Y You are born, our King today!

B Bethlehem, the town asleep.
I In a stable, with the sheep.
R Roughest lumber for your manger,
T The star above to guide the strangers.
H Happy Mary, Joseph proud, watching o'er the little boy.
D Down below the shepherds wake, listen to the songs of joy.
A Angels bathed in glorious light,
Y You are born, the King, tonight.

J Jesus came from heaven on high
E Every angel in the sky
S Sang to him their lullaby
U Until kings and shepherds came
S Saviour is the baby’s name.

Grade 2

1: The angel told Mary she had been chosen
2: Chosen to be the mother of Jesus
3: Wow! That would be frightening don’t you think?
4: To be chosen for a big job like that
5: To have to set aside all your own plans
6: Put away what you had on the go
7: To do something which your friends might think foolish
8: You may even want to run away
9: God was able to count on Mary.
10: Could God count on you in the same way?

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