Upon This Foundation

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:33
A meeting is held to set out the guidelines and operating parameters of a new church and there is “good” input as to what is needed and advisable for a culturally inclusive church. But the voice of Jesus keeps interrupting the proceedings.
Drama illustrates the understanding of the Advent season, can be used at any time of year.
Cast: 10 in total, Danny, Lady #1, #2, #3, Man #1, #2, #3, Narrators #1 & #2, Voice of Jesus. Note – roles could be doubled up, could be male or female
actors are seated, a meeting is going on
Danny: I’d like to welcome everyone here tonight to this meting as we set out to form our new Elm Street Church. My name is Danny Banda, and I have served as chairman on the formation committee. Now then, can I ask for your input as to the kinds of things we need to consider in getting this church off the ground, so to speak?
Voice Jesus: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
Danny: Er, yes, thanks, thanks for your comment, sir. Fine, now then, anyone else?
Lady #1: Well, coming from an old established church, I believe what you need to do is start off with a good, well-balanced family-oriented offering, something for everyone.
Lady #2: I agree! We need to be sure we have something to offer the young people. So many bad influences around, now-a-days! What is the church for if not to provide good training for our young people? If they don’t learn in church, then where, I always say!
Man #1: I don’t disagree with what you ladies are saying, but, really, aren’t we, well, aren’t we putting the proverbial horse before the cart?
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