Childrens Christmas age 2 to 5

  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

An easily staged Sunday School Christmas concert for little children.

Cast: variable

Sound: hand held mic

Costumes: traditional costumes (shepherds, angels, wise men, etc.) for all children

Sample of script:

Welcome from Children’s Pastor

lights up on stage

Ages 2 & 3 come on stage.
All lines are on the screen or overhead
Leader(s) speak and children respond

Tonight is a time for children
So you big guys listen up
(children hold finger to lips, say shushhh)
We don't want you to embarrass us
(children wag fingers at the audience)
By making noise and stuff

So if you guys are special good
And don't have a goofy attack
(children shake heads negative)
Later on, as a special treat for you,
You can buy us kids a Big Mac!
(children lick lips, rub tummies)

Age 2 & 3 off stage, sit with parents

Age 4 come on stage carrying letters, forming the word “CHILD”
lines are shown on screen as each is spoken
leaders hold handheld mics close to the mouth of the child

Age 4: CHILD Word

1st child: (holds up letter “C”)
C is for the Christ child

2nd child: The Christ child born today

3rd child: (holds up letter “H”)
H for Heavenly angels

4th child: Angels showed the way

5th child: (holds up letter “I”)
I is for Israel

6th child: The people angels came to see

7th child: (holds up letter “L”)
L is for Love

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