Who Is That Child

  • Cast Number: 15
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

A radio play by Nigel Camac
Each scene begins with a typical family in the 1940s but this section could easily be omitted. This would be particularly necessary if this radio play were performed just for radio as opposed to a live play. If omitted, each scene will begin at the radio jingle.
The rest of my introductory comments shall assume the family setting is included.

Time Each part will run for approximately 5 minutes. If performed as a play, the 3 scenes could be run separately at key moments during an evening or service.

Scene 1 Travellers travail
Scene 2 Shocked shepherds
Scene 3 Wandering wise

Mother and Father and their children
Voice 1
Voice 2
Voice 3
Voice 4
2 Chorus girls
Involvement with a larger choir in Part 2

Costumes All actors to be dressed in 1940s gear

Stage Section of stage to be set up like an old radio room. This could include old advertisement posters on the wall, a desk, a number of old microphones, an old instrument panel etc.
In front of the stage is a section set up like a 1940s lounge room. Central to this set is an old radio-gram. There is also a Christmas tree and a sofa.

A musical jingle for a fictitious radio station will need to be devised.
An additional Soft Sheen Cream jingle will need to be devised.
Carol singing – as of an angelic choir in scene 2.

For more information on the author click here.

Please contact the author for additional information, nigeandsue@internode.on.net

Sounds many sound effects, see the script

Final note The 3 nostalgic advertising spots were taken directly from a 1940s radio show, thus I hereby declare that these adverts were not of my own inspiration. I have altered the product names and some of the wording for the first two products and have approval from Bushells Tea to use the third advertisement.

Scene 1 : Travellers travail

1940s family
2 Chorus girls
Voice 1 (Innkeeper and assist with sounds *)
Voice 2 (Advertising and Sounds)
Voice 3 (Joseph)
Voice 4 (Presenter and Visitor and assist with sounds #)
* In 2 places, Voice 1 can assist with the sounds. These places have *# In 2 places, Voice 4 can assist with the sounds. These places have #

Spot on the ground in front of the stage. The focal point is an old radio-gram around which 2 children in dressing gowns are sitting and playing. The parents, a little further back, are sitting on a sofa, watching them. The father looks at his watch and goes over to the radio-gram and switches it on.

A second spot illuminates the radio room.

[Radio station jingle by 2 chorus girls around an old style microphone]

Father settles the kids down and the whole family listen intently. During the advertisement, the spot on the family dwindles, until the audience’s full attention is on the radio room.

Presenter Just before we continue our Christmas story, let’s hear from a sponsor of this station.

Advertising Hallwells original salts is confidently recommended to the afflicted as an infallible remedy for the following diseases: cramps, pains in the joints, sore throat, rheumatisms, cuts, bruises, sprains, pains in the back or side, headaches, bites from insects or reptiles, dysentery, consumption, bronchitis and purifying the blood, plus dozens of ailments too horrible to mention. Ladies and gentlemen, it costs only 25 pence for one bottle, and as an added inducement for your health, ladies and gentlemen, we offer you 2 bottles for only 40 pence. Buy Hallwells original salts today, and think of the money and suffering you will save.

Presenter And so we turn to the innkeeper in Bethlehem that night. His day had been constantly interrupted by desperate visitors, all harassing him for lodgings. Even as the sun dipped below the horizon, they continued to stream in and his nerves began to fray……..

Innkeeper (Aggravated) Yes, what is it?

Visitor Please mister, can I have a room?

Innkeeper (Like Basil Faulty) No! Can’t you read the sign? It says NO VACANCY!

Visitor Uuhh. Well then, no need to get angry.

Innkeeper (Calling after visitor sarcastically) Good luck then, you’ll need it.

Sounds {Door slamming and being locked}

Innkeeper Now, where’s that kosher coffee?

Sounds {Spoon rattling in a cup}

Innkeeper (In relaxation) Ahhhhhh.

Sounds {Loud knocking}

Innkeeper (Groaning} Leave me alone.

Sounds {Persistent loud knocking}

Innkeeper (Exasperated) What now? All right, all right.

Sounds {Cup slammed down}

Presenter A national census is a great boon to the hospitality industry. In his prosperity, a few extra kilos on the old innkeeper makes getting up from the old recliner a bit more of a challenge these days.

Innkeeper {Sounds of struggling to get up … during Presenter’s dialogue above}

Sounds {Crashing to the floor}

Presenter Maybe Hallwells original salts can cure weight problems also.

Innkeeper (Relieved) Phew. I’m on my way.

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