Tis The Season

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 3:11

a short Christmas-themed drama focusing on the needs of those less fortunate, and the realization that love is the greatest gift of all.

NOTE In order to properly perform this piece there is a need for pausing between lines to allow the interaction to happen between Santa and the individual shoppers. DO NOT rush this. The spoken words are short but the actual run time is 8 minutes or more. The key to the success of this script is the shopers with no spoken lines but ESSENTIAL geatures and reactions, practice this very carefully!


                      Keywords: Christmas, giving, unemployment, love, family


Cast:             Four,  (adults and/or teens), more shoppers would be preferable

                      Store Santa, adult male 30-50

                      Harried Shopper, either gender, 30-50

                      Shopper #1, any age, gender

                      Shopper #2, any age, gender


Set:               Store exterior: table or tripod with donations bucket, sign/decorations related to Christmas.


Special effects:          None


Props:           Hand bell, Christmas-wrapped packages, shopping bags.


Costumes:    “Santa” wears ill-fitting/shabby costume & beard.  Others wear normal street clothes.


Special  instructions:


Sample of script:


SANTA stands outside a department store and RINGS a HANDBELL next to a collection bucket.  SHOPPERS rush past in a frenzy, dropping a coin or two into the bucket. 


Santa, in tired monotone:      

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.

(to shopper #1)

Thank you, friend, God Bless you.

(to shopper #2)

Merry Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.


A HARRIED SHOPPER steps out of the store, carrying several packages.  The shopper completely ignores the Santa and walks past.


Santa:              Ho, ho, ho! (sotto voice, sarcastic) Thanks for your generosity, pal.


Shopper, stopping suddenly, startled: I'm sorry, what did you say?


Santa, feigning innocence:Who, me?  I said; ho, ho, ho. 


Shopper, perturbed: Actually, I think you said something else, and it sounded pretty surly.


Santa:              I don't know what you're talking about, friend.  Merry Christmas, okay?  (continues RINGING BELL)  Ho, ho, ho!


Shopper, unwilling to drop it: You know, I don't think this store would appreciate their Santas being sarcastic.  Not that it's any of your business, but I happen to be in a hurry, and I just don't have any change for your bucket.  Is that a crime?

Santa, growing more uncomfortable: Sure, friend, sure.  No problem.  You have a nice day and a Merry Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho!


Shopper:         I'd like an apology.


Santa, stops RINGING, incredulous: An apology?

Shopper:         You heard me.  The last thing I need today is a guilt trip from a five-dollar an hour Santa.  You either apologize or I report you to the manager.


The two glare at each other for several long and anxious moments.


Santa, visibly chagrined:

You're right, I'm sorry.  It was stupid.  I didn't mean to take it out on you.


Shopper:         Take what out?


Santa:              Christmas.


Shopper, puzzled: Christmas?


Santa:              Well, Christmas rage, I guess.  Frustration.  (a beat)  Look, all day long I watch people come in and out of this store loaded down with packages.  I mean, this is supposed to be such a tough economy, right?  But they're carrying computers, video games, even plasma TV's.  I'm trying to raise money for people who can barely afford to feed their kids, let along give them these kind of presents, yet what do I get?  An embarrassed smile, if they even bother to look me in the eye, and then every once in a while, somebody'll toss in the change from their frappuccino.  Great, huh?  Merry Christmas.  (RINGS bell)


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