The Finish Line

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2Peter 2:11
Athletes running a race, trying to win, but are without a purpose, plan or promise.

Group of athletes getting ready for a race. In addition to any number of athletes, there is the 'starter'. Athletes will likely be in track suits, however a very interesting effect could be made if they are dressed in regular clothing.

Props could include a starter's pistol with sound effect, (or starter simply say, "ready set, go"). There might be a flag indicating the finish line.

Sample of script:

Actors are separately walking about stage, taking deep breaths, flexing muscles, getting ready for the race. Starter comes on stage, calls all athletes to begin race.

Starter: All right then, time to get started. Everyone line up at the starting line.

All actors come to finish line, have them staggered in order that all will be visible to the audience. All athletes get down in crouch, waiting for signal to start.

Starter: On your mark, get set, go!

All athletes take a step backward, run across the finish line, show joy at finishing, puffing hard from exertion, high-five each other, etc.

Starter: And exactly what was that? You are supposed to run all the way around the course, back here across the finish line.

All athletes look at starter as though confused, can’t figure out what he means, shrug shoulders, frown, etc.

Athlete 1: But, I don’t understand. We did cross the finish line!

Starter: No, you did not!

Athlete 2: I’m confused. (points to finish line). Isn’t this the finish line?

Starter: Yes, yes it is.

Athlete 3: And did we not all in fact cross the finish line?

Starter: Well, yes, yes, you did cross the finish line, but you didn’t run around the track.

Athlete 1: I am really confused! As you admitted, we did cross the finish line. And so long as we cross the finish line, why should it matter if we ran around the track or not? I mean . . . .

Athlete 2: Exactly! We crossed the finish line, surely that’s all that matters.

Starter: But, you don’t understand. First you run all the way around the track, taking in the entire track, and then the end will come.

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