The Giver of Gifts

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7.11
God is the giver of our precious gifts which we are expected to use. We need faith to understand how we can use those gifts. Sometimes we need someone to point out to us that we have been given a gift to use for the glory of God.

Sample of script:

A group of people (WG) wearing a white shirt or other item come to upstage right, another group (RG) wearing a red item come to upstage left. WG will react favorably to all that is “good” and negatively to all that is “bad”, RG will react favorably to all that is “bad” and negatively to all that is “good”.

White (W) dressed as much as possible all in white, Red (R) as much as possible all in red.

W enters from back of sanctuary, speaking as he enters.

W: People! Gifts for everyone! Come in close, I have your gifts for you!

WG react positively, RG react negatively, 1, 2 and 3 enter from back of sanctuary

1: What’s all the commotion here? What’s happenin’?

2: Not sure. Near as I can see, someone is giving out gifts.

3: What’s the catch?

W: No catch. Just get your free gifts.

R comes in from back of sanctuary

R: Watch out for Him, it’s a trap! Why would this guy just be coming along giving out free gifts to everyone?

W: Because I want to. Because I love you.

R: As if! Since when do you think He is going to be giving you a free gift? What’s in it for him?

W: In it? It is part of my overall plan for your happiness.

R: I told you so! Watch this guy, he could be dangerous! He has a . . . plan.

4: This way guys, in here!

5: You still haven’t told us, what are we here for?

6: I’m outta breath! This better be something awful good to haul me away from the Chargers game.

4: It’s like I have been trying to tell you. There’s this guy here giving out free gifts.

5 and 6 stop in their tracks, annoyed.

5: Do you mean to tell me that we have chased all the way over here to see some guy giving out peanuts?

6: The Chargers were 3rd and long. Flutie was in the pocket, his arm cocked, ready to throw down field. Now I may never . . .

4: Guys, this is the real thing! These are awesome gifts he is giving out.

6: Well, I guess we are this far now, we might as well see what’s happening.

5: Yeh, but I am gonna tell you, this had better be good or next time I will . . .

W: Come, receive your gift.

R: Don’t listen to him. You have better things to do. I happen to know that Flutie just threw for a touchdown.

1: OK, so if we were interested, which I am not saying we are, what kind of gifts do you have for us?

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