Tithing Game

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Leviticus 29:30
Tithing is no game . People are shown what it would be like to tithe or not to tithe. The rewards are a blessing.

Scene: The “stage” area is arranged something like a TV game show. The Emcee stands in the center with the two couples on either side of a table or counter. Since this is a rather informal game show, the couples may be seated if they so desire.

Sample of script:

Emcee: Welcome to The Tithing Show, a production of Theos Eternal. This is the show where couples, when they arrive here at Heaven’s Gate, are given a chance to tell what they would do in various situations and times of their lives. Their answers will determine the final outcome and their eternal awards.

On my left is couple number one. Let’s see, according to my notes here, you folks have lived in Florida now for the last thirty years. You have three children who still live in your old home town. According to our records you enjoy boating, bowling, sewing, and church work. Is that correct?

Couple 1 (either person may speak, alternate as much as possible.)That’s right, Edith. We were high school sweethearts. Then when we married the kids came along. Both of us had to work hard and often held down two jobs just to make ends meet, but our kids grew up and married, then when we retired we moved down to Florida. Actually, we moved before we retired, but we kept two houses for a number of years, one up north and the one we have down here.
We have really had a good life, right? (turns to mate who nods in agreement.)

Emcee: Couple Number Two, you grew up in north Florida where you met and raised your two children. According to this you went to different high schools but both graduated from the same college where you, (indicate male) majored in Business Administration, and (indicate female) became a counseling psychologist. Very impressive credentials. Let’s see now, you have two adult children, four grand children, and have been retired from the business you started for some seventeen years. Is that correct?

Couple Two (again, either person may lead off, although here also we want to alternate as much as possible.
You are correct on all counts Edith. We both graduated from the same college just one year apart. Then we settled down to form our own niche in the world. We raised our two children in the Orlando area and then moved to the coast for our retirement years.

change speakers:

Yes, Edith, we built our own very successful business and after running it for nearly fifty years, we turned it over to our son and his wife. They now are expanding it into three other states. We think we did a pretty good job in taking care of our family and raising our children.

Emcee: Well, thanks to both couples for being a part of our show tonight. As we said earlier, we will set up a hypothetical situation and ask how you would, or possibly how you actually did respond to such a situation. Answer from the heart. Use your best judgment and tell us just what you would do if you were again in that situation. Are there any questions?

Couple one: Yes, Edith. You want us to respond to the situation the way we actually did in our life on earth, is that correct?

Emcee: Absolutely. Now, here is the first situation. And Couple Number One will be the first to respond. Listen carefully. You have just finished your education and gotten married. Now you are in your first career setting. Someone from the church comes to you and asks you to give a tithe of your income to do the Lord’s work in your community. This means that your money will be going to pay for the work of a minister, local missions to the needy, world missions both in nearby areas and around the globe, and support for a soup kitchen, school, and thrift store designed to help the needy. How do you respond?

Couple One: ( Either one may speak, but probably the wife would be best.) I remember those times well, Edith. We were both starting off in new jobs and our salaries were small. Between the two of us we barely had enough money to put a small down payment on a car and a house. Our expenses almost exceeded our income. It was really a hard question to answer at that time, but - well, we felt that God had done so much for us in giving us each other, that we had to do something in return. We decided to tithe not only our income but our time.

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