What This Church Needs

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1 Colossians3:9
passing the buck . We forget that the church must work as a body in order for it to survive and function as a sanctuary for people to grow closer to the Lord. We all are responsible for taking on the task of easing the load for our pastors. We must sometimes reach out of our comfort zone and use the gifts God has given us.




Chairs in a semi-circle may create church committee room.

Sample of script:

Susan: You all know why the planning committee is meeting tonight. I know that you have spent the last couple of weeks prayerfully considering new areas of ministry for church name. Who would like to share first? Louella?

Louella: Well, if you ask me, what this church needs is a ministry to the homeless. If you watch TV, they are always telling stories of those poor people with no homes, no food, no clothing. Other churches have outreach programs to the homeless, we should, too.

Susan: That's a great idea-so do you want to head it up?

Louella: Us.well.I would, but I am really involved with my bowling classes. I just have to get my average up or they won't let me back on the bowling team. You know how important that is to me. How about you, Stanley?

Stanley: Homeless, well that's not really up my alley. Get it? Up my alley-bowling?

All: (Roll their eyes, make comments.)

Pat: Homeless people live in dirty places. I don't go to dirty places. Estelle?

Estelle: Not me, no, not me.

Susan: I am over-committed, myself.

Estelle: There's got to be someone who can do it. It is so important. Hey, what about the Pastor? The only thing he does is prepare sermons. Surely he's got the time.

Louella: I've done all the research. It's right here. All he has to do is.well, do it!

Susan: So, is everyone agreed that the Pastor will start the homeless ministry? Everyone agrees.

Susan: That's great. Let's move on. Stanley, how about you?

Stanley: I think that what this church needs is to work with the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Abortion is awful. We must put an end to it. Since this is a ladies' issue, would one of you like to get involved?

Susan: Abortion is wrong, but it's so controversial. What would the people in the PTA say if they saw me working there? Pat: I know.and abortion is so icky..and personal. No, I couldn't talk to people about that.

Louella: Me, either.

Estelle: It seems to me like preparing sermons and ministering to the homeless is not too much to ask of someone. I say, Let's give this one to the Pastor.

Louella: Yeah, he can take his wife. We need to keep her busy, too. Idles hands are the devil's workshop.

Susan, Then, we're all agreed? Everyone agrees.

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