Fear Doctor - Exposure

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 10:26
First in a three part series on fear. This segment focuses on “Exposure – Becoming common knowledge” (Matthew 10:26)
A TV show, “Doctor Fear”, tries to assist call-in guests in their fears.
This comedy series is meant as a sermon starter to open the sermon, covering the individual fear subjects. Other segments, (in the DramaShare archive), focus on:
- Insignificance – the God who treasures us (Matthew 10:29)
- Conflict - God who is worth everything and more (Matthew 10:34, 37)

Cast: 2 (male or female, any age)
Doctor Fear - TV host
Kim Courageous – assistant

Set: TV studio can be just blank set or dressed up

Sound: canned applause and laughter

Props: phones, signs for laughter and applause

Sample of script:

Kim comes to front of stage

Kim: Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again, Channel 9’s award winning call-in show, The Fear Doctor!
And now, the star of our show, America’s number one fear buster, offering temporary fear solutions across the nation . . . the Fear Doctor!

Kim holds up “APPLAUSE’ sign, canned applause, Doctor runs on stage

Doctor: Thank you Kim Courageous!
Good morning to all! Oh my, we do have a fine studio audience this morning!
Welcome, welcome!
As Kim, in her usual mellow announcer voice said . . I am the Fear Doctor, . . . and this is . . . Temporary Fear Solutions.
(Kim holds up “APPLAUSE” sign, canned applause)
I must say . . I am . . excited about our show for this morning . . as usual it's all about that old bugaboo . . fear.
(phoney) Friends, here in the audience and at home in TV land . . . do you suffer from day to day fear?
Do you spend your nights in fitful sleep, waking up, dry parched throat, a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?
(big phoney smile) Chances are it is because of that extra slice Poppa John’s Triple Hot Pizza you ate before bed last night!

Kim: Oh Fear Doctor, you silly! . . . You did a funny!

Kim holds “LAUGHTER” sign

Stacy, laughing uproariously: It’s one of those ha-ha moments you have come to expect from the Fear Doctor!
But seriously . . . Why don’t we get right to the phones Kim Courageous, I am sure the phone lines are jammed with folks wanting to chat with the Fear Doctor. . anxious to tell me every little paranoia in their lives . .
So who is the first ‘fraidy-cat on line this morning?

Kim, nervous: Ummm, well, maybe you best just keep on chatting for a bit Fear Doctor until someone . . that is until we . .

Stacy, chuckles: Don’t you go and feel scared embarrassed there Kim Courageous . . . the Fear Doctor knows what's goin’ on . .

Kim: You do? . . .

Stacy: Switchboard is jammed from call overload . .

Kim, nervous: Yah, yah, that’s it! . . . Oh wait . . here’s a call now . . .

Stacy, picks up phone:
Go ahead line one, the Fear Doctor is here on Temporary Fear Solutions . . (phoney) . . and I . . . am listening!
(pause, listen, frown, annoyance)
No, we will not accept complaint calls from Poppa John’s Pizza . .
Oh yeh? . . Well all I have to say is your pizza crusts are hard and soggy!
slams phone down
Kim Courageous, could you please do a better job of screening these calls? I mean, couldn’t you have chosen a better call?

Kim: It's hard to choose between one call. . . . Wait, another call, it's James in Seattle.
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