Fear Doctor - Insignificance

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 10:29
Second in a three part series on fear. This segment focuses on “Insignificance – the God who treasures us.” (Matthew 10:29).
A TV show, “Doctor Fear”, tries to assist call-in guests in their fears.
This comedy series is meant as a sermon starter to open the sermon, covering the individual fear subjects. Other segments, (in the DramaShare archive), focus on:
- Exposure – Becoming common knowledge (Matthew 10:26)
- Conflict - God who is worth everything and more (Matthew 10:34, 37)

Cast: 2 (male or female, any age)
Doctor Fear - TV host
Kim Courageous – assistant

Set: TV studio can be just blank set or dressed up

Lighting: standard

Sound: canned applause and laughter

Props: phones, signs for laughter and applause, flyswatter

Sample of script:

Kim comes to front of stage

Kim: Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again, Channel 9’s award winning call-in show, The Fear Doctor!
And now, the star of our show, America’s number one fear buster, offering temporary fear solutions across the nation . . . the Fear Doctor!

Kim holds up “APPLAUSE’ sign, canned applause, Doctor runs on stage

Doctor: Thank you Kim Courageous!
Good morning to all! Welcome, welcome!
Like Kim said . . I am . . . the Fear Doctor, . . . and this is . . . Temporary Fear Solutions.
(Kim holds up “APPLAUSE” sign, canned applause)
Today we will tackle the fears that bring tears, the fears that last years, the fears that everyone hears . . . .
And the focus today will be . . the fear of . . . insignificance.

Kim: Oh Fear Doctor, you are messin’ with our minds . . . no way that you. . the famous and respected world-renowned Fear Doctor, . . . would ever feel insignificant!

Doctor, hurt: Most certainly not, silly and over-paid mere announcer person!
I am the star, the one and only star, and no one knows better than I just how important I am . . and how unimportant you are.

Kim: That makes me feel kinda . . . I don’t know. . . like . . . insignificant.

Doctor: As you should . . for only I, the . . Fear Doctor, am significant.
Now then . . . . uhmmm . . . what was your name again . .?

Kim: Kim . . . my name is . . . Kim . . .

Doctor: Ahh, yes, Kim . . . Why don’t y’alls just go and hold up your little applause sign, cause after all, I am . . . the Fear Doctor . . .

Kim holds up the “APPLAUSE” sign, canned applause F/X

Doctor: I’d really like to chat with you some more Kim, but the old Fear Doctor has much better things to do . . .
Why don’t we get right to the phones, I am sure there’s tons of my adoring fans who are dying to chat with the Fear Doctor. . anxious to hear the sound of my melodious voice . .
So who is the first ‘fraidy-cat on line this morning?

Kim: Well, I see we do have one call on line . .

Doctor, chuckles: You did a funny there Kim Courageous . . . the Fear Doctor knows there’s a bunch more than one call . .

Kim: You do? . . . And just what is the color of the sky in your world Captain Crunch?

Doctor, glares at Kim, picks up phone: Go ahead line one, the Fear Doctor is here on Temporary Fear Solutions . . (phoney) . . and I . . . am listening!
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