Building a Legacy

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 2:10
Building a legacy is like building a home or a life, it takes the right materials and also skilled and committed people, along with the blessing of God.

Cast: 2 (likely male)

Costumes: construction/work clothes

Props: carpentry tools, boards

Sample of script:

Max is on stage, working with boards, hammers his fingernail, screams

Max: Eyooowch! . . . Now that smarts! . .. Stupid lumber!

tries to set up the lumber again, it all falls down

Max: OK, this is just impossible!

Larry comes on stage

Larry: Sounds like heavy-duty construction going on here! What’s happening here Max?

Max: What’s not happening more like Larry! . . Trying to do a makeover on my house.

Larry: Good thing, nice to fix the old place up, (looks around), good solid place looks like, just needs a touch here, little upgrade there.

Max: Yeh, but every touch I make seems to be one step back. . . Maybe I am just not the Extreme Home makeover type.

Larry: Nonsense Max, I never met a person who couldn’t be a decent wood-butcher with a little trying.

Max: Wow, thanks Larry, makes me feel good to know someone has confidence in me.

Larry: OK, let’s start at the beginning, where are your plans?

Max: Plans?

Larry: Yes, blueprints.

Max: Blue?

Larry: Well the sketch of what you want your new home to look like.

Max, smiles: Now that I’ve got! . . (pulls a little piece of crumpled up paper out of pocket), see here is our dream home!

Larry, squints, holds the paper up, turns it around, looking at all angles:

Ummm, mind helping me a bit with this . . . What is it?

Max: I just kinda rough sketched out what we want in a dream house.

Larry: Ok, I can make out the front of the house . . kinda . . but what’s this thing here?

Max: That’s my wife, sorry I never was real good at drawing stick people.

Larry: OK, but there is no floor plan . . .

Max: Floor plan?

Larry: Yeh, like where the rooms are, the kitchen, living room . . .

Max: Oh they are on the main floor.

Larry: OK, that’s a start. . but where on the first floor?

Max: This is more complicated than I thought! . . Funny, it seems so simple on TV.

Larry: On TV?

Max: Yeh, on Extreme Makeover – Home Edition.

Larry: But on the TV show there is a crew of professionals who move in and do the job for you.

Max: Think if I phoned them they could drop by?

Larry: Likely not in time for your project.

Max: Rats! . . I thought maybe they would send me and my wife off to Disneyland when the tough stuff was going on.

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