What's It Worth?

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 26:41

“What’s It Worth” is a short dramatic script in the form of a TV game show about the lure of the world’s temptations, and what we may or may not be willing to sacrifice to achieve them.


                      Keywords: temptation, wealth, Satan, soul, materialism


Bible Reference:        Matthew 26:41


Cast:             2 males, 1 female, 1 (male) offstage voice


LOU, 30-50

BILL, 30-50

MARCIE, 30-50
ANNOUNCER, voice only


Set:               A “game show” set: two podiums side-by-side, video projection screen above and behind.


Special effects:          Recorded applause, “game-show theme” and “Jeopardy” music, a ringing bell (boxing-match type), screen images of game-show logo, sports car, and item list.


Props:           None


Costumes:    “Contestants” wear street clothes, “host” wears overly-garish sport coat & tie.


Lighting:       Standard


Sound:           Standard


Special  instructions:
All (royalty-free) recorded sounds and images required for this scene are available from DramaShare. 


Time:            5 min.


Sample of script:


The scene opens on a dark stage



And now, it's time for America's favorite game show, What's It Worth!  Here's your host, Lou Cypher!


SFX:             A video screen showing a game-show logo, SPRIGHTLY GAME-SHOW MUSIC, and RECORDED APPLAUSE


Lights rise to reveal two game show contestants, MARCIE and BILL, standing at podiums.  A game show host, LOU CYPHER, swiftly enters.


LOU, exuberantly:  

Hey, hey, hey!  Hello and welcome to What's It Worth; the show where you can win it all, as long as you're willing to lose it all!  Let's meet our contestants, shall we?  First up is a struggling single mother with four beautiful kids.  Give it up for Marcie!


MARCIE, grinning and waving nervously):

Hi, everybody!


LOU:            Our second contestant is also our reigning winner, who's made it all the way through to the finals.  A genuine risk-taker, let's hear it for Bill!


BILL, waving with confidence:



LOU:            All right, then, let's get started.  First up is Marcie.  (points to video screen)  Marcie, here's your prize!



A brand-new luxury car!


SFX:             A video screen projection of an expensive sports car, RECORDED APPLAUSE


Marcie SQUEALS and CLAPS delightedly.


SFX:             A video screen projection of a short list: GROCERY BUDGET, HOUSE PAYMENT, COLLEGE FUND




LOU, pointing to the screen:

Here's what you can trade: your grocery budget, your house payment, or your oldest daughter's college fund.  Okay, Marcie, it's up to you.  What's it worth?


MARCIE, anxiously:          

Oh, gee, Lou, I just don't know.  That's such a beautiful car,

And I’d just love to have it, but I really need to make all those other



LOU:  I understand, Marcie.  (waving at screen)  But take a look at that beauty.  You'd be the envy of all the other moms with their perfect families and their wonderful lives.  (temptingly)  Surely that's worth just a little sacrifice?

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