There's Just Something About The Cross

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Colossians 1:20

The cross is a popular fashion statement but when people are reminded of the significance of the cross it can create a stampede, out of it’s influence.

Bible Reference:         Colossians 1:20


Cast:                3, male or female
there may be others in non-speaking roles as passengers on the bus


Set:                blank, representing inside of a bus


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            none


Time:             5


Sample of script:           


any number of actors are on stage, sitting or standing holding on as bus moves


Robin:             Man, these early mornings, going to work, riding this old bus, I mean, this gets to me, know what I mean?


Terry:              You are so right on Robin! Mornings wouldn’t be so bad if they just didn’t come so early in the day.


Robin:             I just simply love that sweater Terry, it is so . .  you! Is it new?


Terry:              Do you like it? . . . I picked it up at Target, (pronounced Tar-jaay).


Robin:             Tar-jaay? . .  Is that a new store in town?


Terry:              Oh all right, Target . .  but that sounds so common and ordinary!


Wendy comes on stage, holds on as bus “moves”

Terry and Robin look her up and down


Terry, to Wendy:        
Nice necklace.


Robin:             I gotta get me one of those. . .  Looks awesome.


Wendy:           Thanks . . . Are you a believer?


Terry:              A believer? . . . In what . .?


Wendy:           Well,  . .  a believer in Jesus.


Terry, wary:    In . .  Jesus?


Wendy:           Well my necklace is a cross.


Robin:             I don’t understand. . . . Lots of guys wear crosses.


Wendy:           Well these is a special cross,  . . .  I made it. . . See . .  (points to the cross) . . I carved a little fish in it, right there.


Terry:              Why would you like, carve a fish into the cross?


Wendy:           Well, it shows I am a follower of Jesus.


Robin:             You are a follower of . .  Jesus? . .  Like where do you follow him to?


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