The Meaning Of Life

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ecclesiastes

A comedy talks of the meaning of life.

Bible Reference:         Ecclesiastes


Cast:                3


Set:                blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            small radio to be used for Findslinger, headphones


Special Instructions:   Guzoo sings his lines


Time:             6


Sample of script:           


Guzoo and Techie come on stage

Guzoo walks around the stage, looking up and around, deep in thought, holding the Findslinger upward, other hand waving as though bringing in signals. At downstage center the Findslinger starts to move violently, Techie stops as though getting a signal, nods, big smile


Techie:            We have found it, we have found the source! Once again my marvelous Findslinger has triumphed!
(motions for Guzoo to come to downstage center)
Come my friend Guzoo, together we shall probe the meaning of life.


Guzoo, sings:  Your wish is my pleasure,
Wise Master, friend and guide
Life is so wonderful when you are by my side.


Guzoo comes to downstage center, Techie takes out the headphones, puts them on Guzoo and connects the cord to the Findslinger, Techie starts aiming the Findslinger at different spots around the stage


Jamie comes on stage, watches, look of wonder on face


Techie:             Do you feel any impulses now Guzoo, have we made connection to the source?


Guzoo, sings:   Oh so sorry Master, nothing’s comin’ through
If we don’t get better luck not sure what we will do.


Techie:             No problem Guzoo, we’ve only just begun. . . .
(moves the Findslinger)
Now then, any signals?


Guzoo, sings:   I have had less signals
But can’t remember when
Maybe if I rub my nose
We could try again.


Guzoo rubs his nose.

Jamie has been watching with increasing amazement, can’t be silent any longer, approaches the others


Jamie:              Excuse me . . .


Techie is somewhat annoyed for being disturbed


Techie:             Yes, we are very busy, but how can we help you?


Jamie:              Well, I know it’s none of my business but . .  what are your doing . . exactly?


Techie:             Simple! . . We are finding the meaning of life. . .  Now then . . back to work . .


Jamie:              The meaning of life . .? . .  What is this stuff you are wearing and waving around? And who are you guys anyhow?


Techie, rolls eyes, very displeased:       
I can see that we shall get no rest until your little questions are answered . .
Very well then . .
I . . . am . .  Techie.


Jamie:              Well, I kinda thought you were a techie by the way you were walking around, carrying nerdy equipment . .


Techie:             You are not listening! . .  I am not . .  a . .  techie.
I am . . . Techie. . .  Techie is my name.
(points to Guzoo)
And this amazing individual here  . . is none other than . .
The Great Guzoo!
I am sure you have heard of him.


Jamie:              No, actually I never have heard of him . . .  sorry.


Techie:             Don’t get out in the scientific world much, do you?


Jamie:              Mind if I ask how you will find the meaning of life . . . you and  . . . the Great Magoo?


Techie:             That is Guzoo! . . Guzoo! . .  Guzoo!


Guzoo:             Gesundheit!


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