This Above All Else

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 20 minutes

A group of friends discuss the things that could bring happiness and contentment, and find that all the great things like money, friends, knowledge and career are all fleeting, and that we must have Christ above all else.
A comedy that would work for youth or any other service.

Bible Reference:        


Cast:                5, male or female, likely teens but could be any age
Skeeter, (not the cerebral one)


Set:                blank set


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            Frisbee


Time:             20


Sample of script:           


Mary and Lisa are on stage chatting


Mary:              So Mom said I gotta like bring up my grades like yesterday. . . How does she figure that’s gonna like happen?


Lisa:                Well Mary I have known you since we were in kindergarten and I know you are smart. . .  But we both know you could do much better in school if you would just work at it.


Mary:              That’s what my Mom said too . . . But like I do have my priorities in life.


Lisa:                What kind of priorities?


Ron, John and Skeeter come on stage, upstage from Mary and Lisa


Mary:              Well Lisa, think about it . . I am on the regional Frisbee team!


Ron, impressed:          
Wow Mary, you are on the Frisbee team?


Mary:              I am for a fact Ron.


Skeeter:           I do the Frisbee thing all the time.  . .  Last Friday we had to put a new engine in our Frisbee.


Lisa, to Mary:  Well Mary, you have to decide what is the most important thing in your life and . .
(pauses, confusion on face, speaks to Skeeter)
You had to what????


Skeeter:           The engine in our Frisbee threw a rod.


Lisa, confused: Your . .  Frisbee  . . . has an  . . engine?


Skeeter:           Souped up V8 baby! . .  Vrooommmm!  Vrooommmm! 
Can do zero to 150 in 23 seconds, wonderful the way that baby hugs the corners.


Lisa:                Let me get this straight . . . you have a V8 engine in your Frisbee?


Skeeter:           I tell ya, that baby is packed to travel.


Mary, shows Skeeter her Frisbee:        
Skeeter, this . .  is a Frisbee.


Skeeter:           Maybe I was thinking of a Chevy Cruze.


Lisa, looks at Skeeter, bewildered:       
Uhhhhhh, OK then!
(back to Mary)
Regardless, back to your problem Mary.


John:               Mary has a problem? . . . Just so you know Mary, we are there for you to help out, give you the benefit of our knowledge.


Skeeter:           Yep, for a fact Mary. . . I am willing to contribute my brain to y’all.


Lisa:                Maybe we will get back to you on that Skeeter.


Ron:                Can I ask what is the problem Mary? . .  Perhaps we can help . .  without relying on Skeeter’s brain.


Mary:              Well, it’s like I was telling Mary . . . My Mom is like all bent outta shape about my grades in school last semester.


John:               Well you are a smart person Mary; I can’t believe your grades would be that bad.


Mary:              Well I did have one D.


Ron:                Hey, that happens, sometimes a guy just doesn’t quite understand a subject . . but your other grades would make up for that one D, right?


Mary, shock:    What are you talkin’ about Ron? . . My D was the best grade I got last semester.


Ron:                Uh huh! . . I see. . . . And I can see your mom’s reaction too.


John:               I can’t believe your grades could slip like that Mary, . .  what happened, didn’t you do any studying?


Mary:              Didn’t have time.


John:               Didn’t have time?


Mary:              See, thing is, I had other priorities.


Ron, shock:      Other priorities? . . . What could be a higher priority than studying for exams?


Mary:              Well like I was telling you guys, (proud), I am on the regional Frisbee team.

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