Evo Looshun

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 100:3

Theme:            A puppeteer and her/his puppet debate evolution in this comedy skit.


Bible Reference:         Psalm 100:3


Cast:                2:   P: Puppeteer & Puppet: Evan Lipsinker / Evo Looshun


Set:                  chair


Sound, Costumes:                   standard


Time:             10


Sample of script:

actor comes onstage carrying suitcase, swings suitcase


Evan, voice:   Hey, hey, hey! . . .  Careful of the merchandise!


P:                   Oh hush now, sounds like you are just always complaining for the sake of complaining.


Evan:             That’s what you always say! . . . (mimics), complaining for the sake of complaining! . . . . What does that mean anyway?


P:                   Means you are being a giant pain is what!


Evan:             Sure that’s fine for you to say.  . . . Me, I’m stuck here in this here smelly old suitcase,  . . . likely there’s all kinds of bugs and moths and anteaters in here!


P:                   There’s no anteaters in your suitcase, anteaters are too big to fit in that suitcase.


Evan:             Well maybe better you could get an anteater in here. . . . Anteater could eat all the bugs and moths and such! . . . Why do I have to travel in an old suitcase anyhow? I can hardly breath in here.


P:                   Oh stop your complaining, I’ll get you out!


takes Evan out of suitcase, lifts Evan to perform


Evan:             Hey, hey, hey! . . . Anyone ever tell you . . . you have the coldest hand!


P:                   Oh brother! . .  So now my hand is too cold? . . .  You can’t even feel my hand, you are a puppet! . . . Anyhow, anything else you want to complain about?


Evan:             Well, now you mention it . . .  there are times our breath isn’t all that sweet, and it wasn’t me that ate the garlic toast.


P:                   I happen to like garlic toast.


Evan:             Maybe consider getting someone else to give me a hand on days you hit the all you can eat garlic toast buffet?


P:                   OK look, this seems to be complaint day. . .  Anything else on your mind?


Evan:             Yes as a matter of fact! . . . Like I said, why is it I have to have an old worn out suitcase to live in?


P:                   Just think of it as your low rent dressing room.


Evan:             Behold my friend the comedian! . . . Laugh . . . I thought I’d never start!
Why can’t I have a nice padded carrying case like my friend Pinocchio?


P:                   You figure out how to make your nose grow like Pinocchio and we’ll talk.


Evan:             You never did tell me where I came from.


P:                   Where you came from?


Evan:             Yeh, Pinocchio said he came from a tree, so I want to know where I came from.


P:                   My best guess would be that you came from Walmart.


Evan:             That’s hardly exciting, I mean why couldn’t I have come from a tree, or a rock, or maybe a piece of cotton candy. . . .  Yeh, I like the cotton candy thought. . . . Makes sense on account of I am just so very sweet.


P:                   In your dreams.


Evan:             You have anger issues today it seems. . . Now where were we?


P:                   You were protesting where you came from as I recall.


Evan:             OK, where did you come from oh Puppeteer Supreme?


P:                   Well I came from God; God makes all people.


Evan:             Now that’s hardly fair! . . . God made you, but I likely was made by some guy at Walmart, and my maker dude was likely making minimum wage.


P:                   Look I don’t make the rules.


Evan:             Yeh and I am stuck with them. . . . But my friend Alonzo told me that people came from monkeys and such. . . .

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