Love Boat Dinner Theatre

  • Cast Number: 11
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 5:8

Interative dinner theatre based on the old Love Boat TV show. Join Captain Stubbing, daughter Vicki, Julie, Gopher, Doc and Isaac along with guests as we set sail on a voyage of fun.

Theme: Interactive drama based on Love Boat television show, this drama focuses on the theme of love

Cast: Captain Merril Stubing, likely forties or older, authority figure

Vicki Stubing, teen or older, daughter of Captain, comedy role

Julie McCoy, twenties or older, Cruise Director, comedy role,

Fran Drescher laugh Purser Gopher Smith, twenties or older, comedy role

Doc Bricker, twenties or older, ladies man, comedy role

Isaac Washington, twenties or older, comedy role

Norm and Norma Norman, middle age, slapstick comedy roles a couple to sing final song any number of servers

Set: although not essential, it would be advantageous to have some graphics such as portholes, ships decorations, flags around the room to give the impression of being on a ship

Costumes: Captain should have a navy type uniform as should Gopher and perhaps Doc. Norm and Norma should be overdressed in loud, outlandish clothing. Others would have leisure clothing.

Sound: If it is possible, all actors should have lapel mics, if this is not possible the acting area will have to be scaled down. Have handheld mics for actors when they are interviewing audience Some taped ship sounds would be useful.

Song: based on melody of “Love Boat Theme” original by P. Williams, C. Fox click here for MP3 file

Lighting: as available

Run-time: 60 minutes +

NOTE that the second act of this script, (which can follow a dinner or dessert), includes a time of interacting with the audience, during which there will be a great deal of improv required. DramaShare is available to assist you in rehearsing for this and, where required, writing some additional dialogue based on your local needs and opportunities.

Nancy Anderson, Westoak Woods Batist Church in Texas said:
"We did "The Love Boat" Dinner theater, what a wondefully delightful comedy. Everyone totally enjoyed it. Our Amazon mission team (we're going down the Amazon on Oct. to bring the gospel of Jesus and medical and dental assistance) raised over $2300 (we also had a silent auction).I thank God for your ministry.
The cast certainly had a great time rehearsing it. Initially, I laughed so hard, especially Norm and Norma's scene, that my jaws ached."

Sample of script:

Scene 1

Captain comes on stage

Captain: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. And a truly good evening it is, as your Love Boat, the Pacific Princess, slides gracefully through the warm still night, the gorgeous tropical moon shimmering on the ocean around us.

Vicki comes on stage, singing loud and off-key, Captain reacts, uncomfortable

Vicki: Love, exciting and new Come Aboard. We're expecting you. Love, you’ll see it all ‘round. It’s with you, it’s all o-ver town It's LOVE! It's LOVE! It's LOVE! It's the Love Boat-ah! It's the Love Boat-ah

Captain: Uh, yes, well, now then, where were we? Oh yes, we want to remind you that the crew of the Love Boat are here for one purpose only, and that is to ensure that this cruise is all you ever dreamed of and more. Speaking of crew, I want to introduce you to some of the Love Boat people who will be catering to your every whim all throughout this cruise. First we have . . . .

Vicki, sings: la la la la la It’s the Love Boat-ah!

Captain, ignoring Vicki: . . . we have our charming and efficient Cruise Director, Julie McCoy.

Julie comes on stage, Fran Drescher type laugh

Julie: (laugh) It’s like, really, you know, like, (laugh), great to see, like, all you guys, like, (laugh), know what I mean? (laugh)

Captain, embarrassed,. apprehensive: Yes, well, Julie McCoy is the person who looks after every little detail, leaving no stone unturned, she . . . .

Julie, confused: But, like Captain Stubing, we are, like, out in the middle of the ocean. Like, how am I supposed to, like, find a stone to over turn out here?

Captain: Well, Julie, when I say leaving no stone unturned it is a metaphor.

Julie, shaking head negative: Oh, now I get it! (laughs)

Captain: A metaphor. A figure of speech.

Julie: I gotcha Cap! (big smile, flips her hair with fingers, then hands on hips) Cause you are lookin’ at a great figure here! (laughs)

Captain: Uhhh, yeh, so anyhow . . . and we also have . . . .

Vicki, sings: la la la la la It’s the Love Boat-ah!

Captain: Vickie, please! I am trying to introduce the Love Boat crew to our passengers!

Vickie: Yes, father, and I am trying to sing our theme song, and it’s not going well!

Julie: Well Vickie, my mom always said that if you know your weaknesses you are half way to understanding world hunger. (laughs)

Captain and Vickie do double take, look at Julie

Vickie: Weaknesses? I will have you know that mine is a world class voice! All I need is a break.

Julie: Then you should be on your way, I have just been listening to you for only a few minutes and your voice has broken several times already. (laughs)

Vickie: Daddy! Are you going to allow Julie to say things like that to your only daughter?

Captain deep in thought

Vickie: Well? Are you?

Captain: I am thinking, I’m thinking!

Vickie: Daddddddddddyyyyyy! You always said I have the voice of an angel.

Captain: So I have sweetums! And I still say that. But actually I was thinking of the angel Gabriel.

Vickie starts to cry, Julie laughs

Vickie: I just know I will never get my big break! Why can’t I sing at dinner tonight on Riviera Deck?

Captain: Because, kitten, we have a top flight group booked for the Princess Theatre.

Vickie: What about at Lido’s Buffet on the Sun Deck?

Captain: Booked.

Vickie: Pacific Club?

Captain: I am truly sorry but there are just no openings for singers on the Love Boat.

Julie: That’s OK, Vickie, you just come along with Julie, we will go check on the passengers on the Sun Deck. I’m sure someone up there will want to hear you sing.

Vickie, excited: Do you really think so Julie? You know, maybe I should start warming up my vocal chords right now . . . sings la la la la la It’s the Love Boat-ah!

Julie: No, no, don’t do that, you will scare the passengers off . . . what I meant to say was you have a voice that is most effective when it kinda sneaks up on you. (laughs)

Vickie: Oh, Julie! This is so exciting! Do you think I will be discovered?

Julie: You start singing honey and there’s not a chance anyone is going to miss hearing you! (laughs)

Julie and Vicki leave stage area

Captain: Now, let’s see, who else will you want to meet? (looks downstage) Oh, there is Isaac Washington! Hey, Isaac! Come over, meet the folks! (Isaac comes to stage area) Isaac is in charge of the soda fountain and ice cream stand on the Love Boat. I am gonna tell you, his Pacific Paradise shakes are to die for!

Isaac gives “the Isaac salute” to audience, which is done by holding hands out front, snapping fingers, then clapping hands then double thumbs up, big smile. Since Isaac does this frequently he should work out a smooth delivery

Captain: Tell me, Isaac, what special concoction have you dreamed up for the passengers of the Love Boat this time?

Isaac: For these fine folks we have something all new, I call it the Isaac Washington Martian Marauder! (gives Isaac salute).

Captain: The Isaac Washington Martian Marauder?

Isaac: Yeppers! For the first time ever, anywhere!

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