Praise God of Blessings

  • Cast Number: 23
  • Run-time: 80 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 1:17
A dinner theatre script, which combines old west silly with profound, talks about joining together to worship and praise. A large group of youth find diversity but commonality in worship.

Cast: 23 or more Group A have seventeen persons Group B has six persons. Parts can be combined

Special Instructions: Song uses the lyrics from “Oh Bury Me Not”

Sample of script:

Group A are standing around, talking among themselves, Group B come on stage

Group B, together: Howdee, buckaroos!

group A look at Group B, strange, then decide to ignore them, go back to what they are doing

1: Buckaroos, maybe you missed it but us bronc busters here gave you fellars a howdee.

4: For sure we did! Listen up please!

Group B, together: Howdee, buckaroos!

Group A look at Group B, shake heads in disbelief, ignore them, go back to what they are doing

3: Now just y’alls lookee here, where we come from a fellar gives you a howdee, it’s considered real bad manners for to not be givin’ a howdee right back.

5: Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad is what!

2: Makes a fellar real down and out sad is what it does, for a fact.

6: Here we is bein’ all friendly and such, givin’ out big smiley howdees.

7: Sorry, we didn’t mean to make you sad or angry or anything, it’s just that you guys were . . .

8: In a word, loud and obnoxious.

Group B are silently counting on fingers

1: Let’s see here, somethin’ doesn’t quite figger out here.

4: Beggin’ your pardon there pardner, but that’s like three words.

2: Yep, loud, that be one word.

5: Obnoxious, that be another.

3: And we can’t possibly forget the “and”.

6: So that’s like three words there.

1: Yep.

2: Uh huh, is so.

7: Mind if I ask what you guys are doing here?

8: And where you are from?

1, proudly: Bent Spike, Montana, (or another state), is where we call home.

4: For a fact it is!

2: Yep, Bent Spike, home of the thirty-eight dollar ice cream cone!

9: So, what brought you guys to . . . . (double-take) . . . . . “thirty-eight dollar ice cream cone”?

3: Yep! Old Frosty Ike’s specialty!

9: “Frosty Ike”?

1: Just like they say in the song.

9: “The song”?

1: Bent Spike theme song is what.

Group B, sing badly off key: If you’re in Bent Spike on a real hot day
Best see Frosty Ike, is what I say
He serves ice cream for thirty-eight bucks
Not in some old cone, but in pickup trucks.

Group A reacts to singing, cover ears

Group B continues to sing:
Gotta tell you those who come to buy
From Frosty Ike never tell you why
They just flat out know it’s the place to be
Even my grand-ma now refuses tea.

Group A become even more unimpressed with singing

Group B continues to sing:
So best listen up to this sad, sad tale
Better buy from Ike or you’ll land in jail
Ike he has some friends there in city hall
So you buy ice-cream or you’re gonna fall.

7: That song is simply . . . .

1: I know, brings tears to my eyes every time I sing it.

7: I can understand that happening.

8: Can you imagine what it is like for those who have to listen!

2, with drawl: You don’t get to find a sanger can sang the way 1 sangs!

7: And for that we shall be grateful!

3: Gotta tell you, 1, he was the go-to singer back in the “Introduction to Music for Harmonica and Cow-bell” back in grade seven.

4: I remember that! Folks around used to call it the sweetest sound this side of the cow pasture!

2: Folks in Bent Spike they still talk about your coming out soiree, don’t they 1?

1: Well, look, I am not the kind to brag, but I have packed a few Oreos in my day.

8: You pack cookies?

1: What you talking about cookies? Oreos. Singing.

8, thinking, “gets it”: Oh you mean arias.

3: Anyone ever tell y’alls you talk real different?

10: Well, we are working at improving.

5: Bless yore hearts!

6: We’uns is here to help in any way we can.

10: That means more to us than you can know.

9: OK, so you guys are from Big Spike, Montana and . . .

2: Bent.

9: Bent?

2: Bent.

9: What’s bent?

2: Spike.

9: Spike?

2: Spike.

9, frustrated: What about the spike?

2: Bent Spike. Not Big Spike, Bent Spike.

9: Big, Bent, what's the difference?

2: We are from Bent Spike.

4: Big Spike is a hoot and a holler down the road from Bent Spike.

5: And to folks living there it makes a lot of difference.

6: Is so, can you imagine someone from Bent Spike looking for their house in Big Spike?

9, getting more annoyed: Look, what does it matter if it is . . . Rusty Nail?

1: Rusty Nail is on the other side of the mountain.

3: Yep, no trouble finding Rusty Nail, as you are driving through Big Spike watch for the big water tower, turn right at the third horse trough on your left, that takes you straight into Bent Spike, watch for Widow Morrison’s Bed and Breakfast, drive right on by that to the horse trailer on the left side of the north-west roundabout, head off east by southeast, go six miles down the back alley, there be Rusty Nail.

2: Six miles down the back alley 3? Me, I woulda said more like seven miles down the back alley.

4: I have to side with 2 on that one.

5: For a fact 4, seems like seven miles.

1: I’m with 2, and 4 and 5 on this one, could be closer to seven miles now that I think on it.

3: You could maybe be right 1, come to think on it, may truly be seven miles, thanks for correctin’ me on that point 2, wouldn’t want to be handin’ out bad advice to these fine folks here.

2: I greatly respect y’all sayin’ that 3, but fact is, whether six or seven miles, not a lot of never mind. After all, road ends at Rusty Nail so maybe could just say drive to the end of the road and there’s Rusty Nail.

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