Little Horse on the Prairies

  • Cast Number: 11
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 68:6

A silly dinner theatre drama tells about a town where humans and horses co-exist, sharing their lives and their music. A tourist from Los Angeles comes into town on PWS (Pretty Wobbly Stagecoach) 309 and tries to rent a horse . . but Hertz Rent a Horse has none available, and Y’alls Haul Rent a Horse . .well . . . their horses are interesting to say the least.

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Katty Wills, the singer, entertains, as does Naggie and Teenie, . . oh these are horses actually . . you probably guessed that.
NOTE: if you are looking for a highly intelligent, cerebral piece maybe best pass this one up since there is little to gain from this drama, other than fun and laughter . . and some great talk about friendship.
Includes original lyric songs . . . and much fun . . perfect for outreach.

Cast: 11 or more
Martha, traveller
Jean/Jan/June/Jane/Joan (same person)
Pastor Tom
Mary, Pastor Tom’s wife
Naggie, a horse
Katty Wills, a horse
Chloreese, a horse
Madonna, a horse
Lightning, a horse, male
Teenie, a horse
Off stage voice
crowd people and/or horses

Set: Stagecoach arrivals area with signs and kiosks for horse rentals and hotels
A divider for Jan and sisters

Lighting: standard

Sound: standard
sound effects of horses and stagecoach

Costumes: people should be in western clothing
horses can be dressed up as much as desired

Sample of script:

in the darkness, sound of horses and stagecoach pulling up, offstage voice

Voice: PWS 309 now arriving at Gate 1 from Los Angeles and Bakersfield.
Attendants, prepare the gates for arrival, careful of the barbed wire.Arriving passengers can be met inside the terminal, please observe the no smoking and spitting regulations until well inside the terminal, and only in the designated areas.
Passengers continuing on please note that the station stop will be brief while we hitch up fresh horses and chow down the drivers.
PWS 309 will depart at 9:03 sharp for Fresno and Sacramento with connections to Salt Lake, Cheyenne, Omaha, Chicago and New York City . . though why anyone in his right mind would ever on purpose go to New York City is a mystery!
Passengers are reminded to check the seat pockets ahead of you and the overhead storage bins above for personal belongings prior to departing the stage.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Dinuba, California!

lights come up, Jan is behind the desk, Martha comes on stage, swatting the dust off her clothes

Jan: OK, next in line, step up; please have your identification and passport available.

Martha: Passport? . . . . Identification? . . . Since when do we . . .?

Jan: Look, I don’t make the regulations, it's Homeland Security and . .

Martha: But it's not as though I was some foreigner, after all I am from LA and . . What's your name anyhow?

Jan: You’re from LA and you still wonder that Homeland Security want to keep an eye on you? . . I mean like, give your head a shake . . . And the name’s Jan.

Martha, hands Jan some papers: OK fine Jan, here’s my papers, I gotta be on my way.

Jan, stamps the papers, hands then back to Martha: Thank you for traveling the friendly rutted roads of PWS!

Martha: Mind telling me what PWS stands for?

Jan, proudly: Pacific Western Stagecoach!

Martha: Then I was wrong; my guess was Pretty Wobbly Stagecoach.

Jan: Ma’am, that hurts deep. PWS takes your travelling safety and comfort most seriously . . . after all, weren’t we the first to install spittoons front and rear on all our executive coaches?

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