The Case Of The Kiss-Kiss Diamond - Option 2

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 75 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ecclesiastes 3:4
We are hot on the heels of the stolen diamond and the gulty party may be YOU!
(identical to the standard Kiss-Kiss script except that the questions have been changed in this drama).
This is an interactive mystery dinner theatre presentation, with the audience participating as legal counsel and jury. Select four people in advance sitting in the audience, (may be at separate tables or sitting together at one table). These persons will serve as lawyers, reading off questions which are provided to them. Following the questioning all tables will fill out a ballot, (one ballot per table), on which they will vote for the couple who they feel are most likely guilty. Since there is no clear "guilty" couple, the results will be different each time, and the outcome is swayed substantially by the characterization of the four couples.
No special sets, are required, a follow spot would be very useful although not essential.

Sample of Script

It was an evening, much like this one. Scene, sleepy little town of Lubec, Maine. Tide was washing in, bringing the feel of damp to the bones of all who ever lived near to the ocean. And right out there it was, the big one, the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching out, far as eye can see. There in the distance, Grand Manan Island. Nearer, Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Campobello Island, in Passamaquoddy Bay. Passamaquoddy. Just like it sounds, okay?
Locals proudly speak of being owners of, (emphasize), "largest whirlpool in Western Hemisphere"! As if whirlpools make any place special! Yes, and just right over there, New Brunswick. Canada. If a feller had eyes sharp enough, maybe even see "The Rock". Newfoundland.
Why am I making mention all these things? Simple, actually. Don't understand this, you never understand the story behind the story I'm about to tell.
What is it I'm about to tell? Most difficult case I ever did do, that's all! What's that you say? Who am I? Just maybe heard of Larmer? Tommy-Jo Larmer? Yes, yes, I guess you do, see some flicker of recognition in your eyes now, don't I now? That's me .. .no one 'cept! Tommy-Jo Larmer. In the flesh! Gumshoe extraordinaire I am. One of the world's best known private eyes I am. Never once did I fail to solve a mystery. Not once . . . well, 'cept this one of course.

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