Its A Jungle Out There

  • Cast Number: 13
  • Run-time: 120 minutes
It is a jungle out there, and a group of women are going on safari. When there they meet up with all kinds of people, (some of whom are really animals . . no, like, they are actually animals). Add a reporter from BBC London and jungle locals and you have . . not sure what you have, but it is fun.
In each of the 8 segments a (new) rendition of the old song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is used to bring out a theme, or simply to be silly. . . (there is a lot of silly in this script actually).
The point of this drama is that even though it is scary out there in the real world, still God is in control.
Sketch 1 (Opening) sees the planning for the safari going on. (20 minutes)
Sketch 2 is the arrival in the jungle (16 minutes)
Sketch 3 features Molly the gorilla (14 minutes)
Sketch 4 features Stretch (the short-necked) giraffe (15 minutes)
Sketch 5 features Henrietta the dancing hippo (10 minutes)
Sketch 6 features Lucy the leopard (10 minutes)
Sketch 7 features Suzette the (French) lion (10 minutes)
Sketch 8 (Closing) is about leaving the jungle (25 minutes)

This script can be done in 8 separate parts or as one production as a dinner theatre.

See the individual Sketches online for more information on each segment

Cast: 13+ (animal parts could be combined)
Christa, the organizer, leader
Jean, level headed
Monica, level headed
Connie, not so much level headed
Alma, way not so much level headed
Becky, experienced in safaris
Ontondra, a native to the jungle
Priscilla Benchley-Ferguson, BBC London reporter, (British accent)
Molly the gorilla
Stretch the giraffe
Suzanne the lion
Henrietta the hippo
Lucy the leopard
(could be extras with non-speaking roles)

Set: none really required but the first scene is meeting room at the church and all others are jungles scenes

Costumes: animal costumes can be as elaborate as skills and time allow, but a mask or small item to identify the animal is all that is really necessary
Human characters would likely be dressed in regular clothing although “safari excursion” clothing would be a nice touch

Props: microphone, chairs, tablesSound: DramaShare has mp3 files of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” available for DramaShare members at our website in “Technical Help” in the “Script Songs” category.
Jungle sounds are available online or in “Technical Help” in the “Sound Archives” category.
The following are some websites where information on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” song can be found:

Time: (see individual segments in “Theme” above, total runtime approximately 120 minutes)

Sample of script:

Sketch 1 – Planning the Safari

Actors: Christa, Monica, Jean, Alma, Connie, Becky

Sitting around in a meeting, Christa walks on stage, goes to the front of the group

Christa: Good evening ladies.

chatter of “Good evening” . . “Hi Christa” . . “Don’t you look nice” etc.

Christa: As you know ladies, this meeting is to discuss our upcoming safari.

Connie: Did anyone bring frying pans?

Monica: What do we need frying pans for?

Connie: So you figure you can have a safari without a frying pan?

Monica: What’s a safari got to do with a frying pan?

Connie: Well duh, where do you figure you are gonna cook the safaris once you catch them?

Jean: You have no idea what a safari is do you Connie?

Connie: I will have you know that when I was a child I was raised on safaris. My dad would often stop off at the store on his way home after work and bring home a handful of safaris. . . Some humongous big ones, but personally I prefer the small bite size, much more tender.

Christa: Connie, a safari is a trip into the jungle to hunt wild animals.

Connie, embarrassed: I knew that, the safaris I was talking about were . . . trapped on a safari.

Christa: We really should move along with the meeting .. .

Jean: I was checking on transportation, several tour operators offer complete safari packages.

Monica: I googled safari on my computer, it sounds really exciting!

Alma: You know, I wish our church had an “A” in front of it.

Christa: Sorry Alma, what was that?

Alma: I was just kinda like thinking . . too bad our church doesn’t have an “A” in front of it.

Monica: You mean like out in front, on the lawn, a big letter A?

Alma: No, that would be silly, I mean a big letter A in wood. . . or maybe steel . . (thinks) . . you know, that might be a good idea too Monica, but what I was thinking, it would have been nice if our church had a word starting with the letter “A” in front of our name.

everyone stares incredulously at Alma

Alma: I can see you girls have no idea what I am talking about, do you?

Monica: You found us out Alma, care to share what’s on your . . mind?

Alma: Well as you very well know our church name is “Montana Lake Assembly of God”.

Connie: Keep going Alma, I for one am picking up what you’re laying down.

Alma: Well see if there were a word starting with the letter “A” in front of that, say like “Around Montana Lake Assembly of God” . . .

Jean: Any reasonable reason why we would call our church the “Around Montana Lake Assembly of God Church”?

Alma: Well, two very good reasons actually, let me tell you Jean Anderson!

Jean: I am all ears . . .

Alma: Well we don’t talk about facial defects in a Christian group like ours, . (shapes Jean’s hair) . . perhaps if you were to comb your hair a little more to the . . .

Jean, annoyed: I meant we are all listening . .

Alma: Oh good, (confused) . . To what?

Jean, angry: To why you feel we should call our church the “Around Montana Lake Assembly of God Church”!

Alma: And why not I say? . . After all, not all of the people who attend Montana Lake Assembly of God Church are from Montana Lake, why there’s the Johnson’s from Weber, and the Manson’s from Ringtail, and of course the Adams family from Waterloo, and . .

Christa: Well that may very well be true but I really don’t think this is a subject that needs discussion at this meeting, I mean, after all, what we are here to deal with is our upcoming safari.

Monica: I know I will regret this for the rest of my life Alma, but you said you had two reasons for wanting to have an “A word” in front of the church name?

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