The Nifty Fifties

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 70 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 11

It’s the 1950’s again, (1957 to be exact), and the whole town is meeting at the local “happenin’ spot” for good food, great friendship and incredible rock and roll music.
Along with the cars, bikes and hip jive, one girl is going through a major struggle with her father in the hospital after a stroke. This causes her to lash out at everything, including the friends who love her.
There is lip-sync music, dancing from the 50’s and off-the-wall humour, all this with a Christian message on the power of prayer.
Dinner theatre script with provision for meal or dessert to be served at a midway point.

Cast: 9
(likely 8 female, plus Bonz may be a female who is dressed to appear male. All are teens except Mrs. S)
Bonz, the rough-edged biker
Hazel, her father is in the hospital
Mrs. S, Susie’s mom and owner of the restaurant
Nancy, blonde, well endowed Marilyn Monroe type, not real “with-it”

Set: Dairy Delight restaurant with booths, stools and a jukeboxBackdrop with “diner look” and a 50’s car imbedded in the wall

Sound: Several 50’s songs plus
“Only You” Music and lyrics adapted by DramaShare
“Crying in the Chapel” Music adapted by DramaShare
(“Only You” and “Crying in the Chapel” MP3 files are available for download to DramaShare members in “TECHNICAL HELP” under “Script Songs”)

Costumes: 1950’s costuming

Props: mannequins (or mops), switchblade knife, Yell-o-meter (in green), hula hoops, phone, musical instruments, ring on a necklace for Susie, small 50’s prizes for hula hoop contestants

Special instructions: Lip-sync music with dialog has been written into the script for the dessert break, and is HIGHLY recommended. However drama could be staged with no live entertainment during this time, in it’s place 50’s music could be played.

Time: 70 – 100 minutes (depending on what is done during dessert time)

Sample of script:

actors sitting in booths, standing beside the jukebox, Susie and Tina are dancing to “Rock Around the Clock”
Hazel is watching Susie, very angry

Carla: That Susie is some cool dancer.

Molly: No wonder Donnie is over the moon about her.

Rita: Not fair you know. . . Susie there, gorgeous, her folks own the hippest happening spot in town, and she snags the best looking guy in school. . . And she is a papershaker too!

Carla: A papershaker?

Rita: Don’t be like from cubesville! . . . A papershaker, . . . a cheerleader, a Pom Pom girl.

Nancy, showing profile: Some of us don’t need big pompoms to be noticed by guys.

Molly: I know Carla enjoys cheerleading.

Hazel: I have no idea what Donnie sees in her!

Molly: Why do you say that Hazel? . . I think Susie is a really nice girl.

Hazel: You would Molly, you and all your goody-goody friends.

Carla: Haven’t seen you at youth group for a long time Hazel.

Hazel: That’s so square, I got better things to do.

Rita: Well you really have to come next week, Pastor Hopkins is bringing Frank Gifford to speak to us.

Molly: And Frank Gifford is . .?

Rita: Only the all-star running back from last year’s NFL champion New York Giants.

Carla: Wow, that’s something! . . (to Hazel) . . Hazel, your dad would love to meet Frank Gifford, your dad is a real football nut!

Hazel: Maybe you didn’t notice, my dad is in the hospital, hooked up to a gazillion tubes, can’t move, can’t talk . . .

Carla: I am sorry Hazel, I didn’t . . .

Hazel: Whatever . . .

Hazel rushes off stage

Rita: Poor Hazel, she is really suffering since her dad’s stroke.

Carla: Her and her dad were so tight.

Molly: Yes, they were always close. . . . Such a change in attitude, Hazel was such a happy person, now she’s . .

Rita: I wish she would come back to youth group, all her friends are there.

Carla: Didn’t help when Donnie and her broke up. Hazel blames Susie for taking Donnie away from her . . she gets all bent outta shape when she sees Susie wearing Donnie’s ring around her neck.

Molly: I know, but Susie and Donnie are just like made for each other. . . It’s not like Susie went out and tried to take Donnie away, it just . . happened.

Rita: The Shultz family are all nice people. . . And this here Dairy Delight diner has been a swinging happening spot since they opened up here in Dinuba.

Tina, looks around, thinking: Well for a “swinging happening spot” it sure is like deadsville right now!

Nancy: You are right . . no music, no dancing, . . no guys!

Carla: Where are all the guys?

Tina: Marten’s Chevrolet took on the Harley-Davidson line of bikes. My brother Alvin says they have a new model called the Sportster. He says it’s got a 55 cubic inch overhead valve engine, and for sure will be the first of the "Superbikes." . . . Whatever that means.

Molly, irony: Another Harley-Davidson tradition and legend is born.

Nancy: Well, personally I like am flippin’ out over guys that ride Harleys. . . I look . . sooooo good on a bike! . . But then, face it . . . (shows profile) . . I just look good! . . And guys and bikes look much better when I am around them . . You likely noticed my . . awesome body!

Rita, teasing: Guys like Morris Bonzacharakowski, huh Nancy?

Nancy, offhandedly: Morris? . . Does Morris ride a Harley, I hadn’t noticed, actually.

Molly: Someone is lighting up the tilt sign Nancy!

Nancy: I am not lying!

Carla: Really now Nancy? . . And who was it I saw riding double on Morris’ bike last night?

Nancy, pouts: Well that’s yesterdaysville! . . Can you imagine, the Bonz said I looked almost as good as his Harley! . . Almost? . . I have half a mind to like . . grrrrrrrr . .rattles my cage, makes me so angry! . . He is cruisin’ for a bruisin’! . . Have a mind to paint DDT across his forehead!

Rita: Wow Nancy! . . I dare you to tell Morris Bonzacharakowski to DDT . . drop dead twice!

Tina: My guess is you will get over your spaz when Morris roars in on his new Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Nancy: Bonz is getting a new Sportster? . . . Wow! . . Did I say the Bonz and I had a fight? . . Silly me, I meant my cat and I had a fight . . Silly me, I . . .

Carla: So Morris Bonzacharakowski is now known as Bonz?

Nancy: He said it suited his image better. . . Not that I care what he says, after what he said about me! . . Him and his ., . hair!

Rita: The Bonz does love his ducktail hairdo!

Molly, sings: Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do you!

Nancy: I never could figure out why they call it a ducktail.

Carla: This may be way out there but my best guess would be that it looks like a duck’s tail.

Nancy: Well to me it looks more like the back end of a duck.

Carla: Ummm, Nancy, the ducktail is the back end of a duck.

Rita: Last I noticed a ducktail does not grow out of a duck’s left shoulder.

Tina: All of which still doesn’t solve the problem of no guys, no music, no fun here.

Rita: Tell you what Tina, you go do a four-fer . . .

Tina: And a four-fer would be . . .?

Rita, amazed: You are like . . so young . . . Four-fer is like four songs for a quarter on the old Wurlitzer in the corner here.

Carla: I am like tired of dancing with girls . .

Rita: Who said anything about us dancing with girls?

Carla: You plan to scare up guys from like where exactly?

Rita: Leave those details up to me . . Tina, toss some nuggets in the jukebox and hit E7! . . Girls follow me!

Dancing With Dummies segment

Actors except Tina quickly go offstage and pick up mannequins (or mops)

Tina: Ready?

Rita, from offstage: All ready for the dance!

Tina puts coin in jukebox, pushes button

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