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  • Cast Number: 14
  • Run-time: 75 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7:13-14

A powerful drama written by Robert Alan Ward

Music and lyrics by Alisha Jane Keating

Whether believing or unbelieving, we humans all have one common denominator. We cannot save our lives. They must be spent. Our only choice is in how we will spend them.
If I knew that there was no God, I would most certainly choose Broadway. I would toss out the rules and fill my cup with pleasure to its fullest. Why not? If there was no God, then no objective standard of right and wrong could exist. There would be no judgment, save the grave of terminated existence to which all would equally be doomed. I would go for it while I could.
But the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. If that is an historical fact, and if as the Bible teaches, there is a heaven to be gained and a hell to shun; then a disciplined, Christ oriented “three score and ten” has to be the only right way to live.I believe that Christ died for me and that God raised Him from the dead. Therefore I will endeavor to spend my life as profitably as possible for His kingdom. By a painful process of elimination through many hard life lessons, I have narrowed my choice to Narroway. I could have just read Matthew 7:13-14 and skipped the grief I brought upon myself and others, but what’s done is done—and forgiven.
Not all of you will come to my conclusion, but all of you will buy somewhere. Sooner or later, everyone buys from the Lifestyle Shoppe.

For those who stage this script we offer the original music, one track with piano only and the other track with voice and piano for each of the 9 songs in this drama.
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