This Is Christmas Chuckie

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 35 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 1-2

The Christmas story with humor but ending in a strong Biblical message and the manger scene. Chuckie, a Charlie Brown type and his friends enlist The Knights Of The Rectangle Round Table to search out the real reason for Christmas.

Bible Reference:         Luke 1, Matthew 1-2 and various OT verses


Cast:                10 (plus extra shepherds, non-speaking actors if available)
Chuckie (becomes Joseph)
Lucy (extravagant hair do) (becomes Mary)
Linus (becomes Gabriel)
King Carter (becomes one of Magi)
Lady Gummibear (King Carter’s wife, becomes one of Magi)
Sir Moped (becomes one of Magi)
Sir Gallonhead (becomes shepherd)
Sir Laffsalot (becomes shepherd)
Sir Kay (a female knight, becomes shepherd)
Merle the Lizard


Set:                blank set


Lighting:       as  available


Sound:           wireless mics would be useful


Song:             song which is sung during the drama is a tuneless rap kind of song
O Come O Come Emmanuel or song of your choice at the conclusion


Costumes:     at the discretion of the director, costuming could be as subtle or extreme as desired
King Carter and Lady Gummibear could be dressed as royalty
Knights could be dressed in period costume
Merle could be dressed as a lizard, (this could be fun!)
NOTE: When actors create manger scene the knights would remove some of previous costuming and/or perhaps add a shawl or some prop which would differentiate from former character.


Props:            very sad looking Christmas tree with star for tree top
blanket for Link
scroll, (could have individual scrolls for manger scene actors)
Large hat for Gallonhead
cane for Merle


Special Instructions:   when knights first come on stage they mime riding horses. Have fun with this by having some actors being “up” while others are “down” in riding motions


Time:             35


Sample of script:           


Bare stage, Chuckie lovingly pulls a very scrawny tree to upstage center, stands back, looking at the tree in great love.


Chuckie:         Wow! . . . That there is some Christmas tree!
Yesiree! . . . I do believe that is about the best Christmas tree ever!
I simply can not wait for Lucy to see this here Christmas tree.
Lucy she’s always saying that I make such a mess of selecting a Christmas tree.
Well not this year, Lucy van Pelt!
This year old Chuckie has chosen about the best Christmas tree ever!
And it is a real Christmas tree!
No fake and phoney aluminum tree here!


Lucy and Linus come on stage, talking


Linus:              So anyhow Schroeder he says, “What’s the real reason behind Christmas, does anyone really know.”


Lucy:               Awww, that Schroder, isn’t he like just the most amazing young man? . . And the magic he does with Beethoven’s masterpieces on the piano is simply a delight! . .
You know Linus, I wouldn’t want this getting back to Schroeder but . . . I think Schroeder really likes me. . . I mean like  . . really . . likes me.


Linus:              What are you talking about Lucy? . . . Schroeder isn’t one bit interested in girls. . . including you Lucy!


Lucy, in Linus’s face, fist clenched
Look here little brother of mine! . . Schroder is like . . very . .  interested . . in me . .  in Lucy van Pelt! . .  Understand? . . . And you, little brother, had better not be doing anything . . . anything . .  that would keep Schroeder from continuing to get more and more interested in me! . .  Capeesh?


Linus:              I have never said . . .
(sees Chuckie)
Hi Chuckie, how’s . . .
(sees the tree)
Oh I see you got another Christmas tree Chuckie. .


Lucy looks at the tree in disgust


Lucy:               Oh good grief, Chuckie!
That is not just another . . . Christmas tree . . . Chuckie!


Chuckie, pleased:      
I just knew you would be pleased with my Christmas tree this year Lucy. . .My Christmas tree is like so non-commercialized and it makes me want to . .


Lucy:               It makes me want to hurl is what Chuckie!
Good grief Chuckie! . . That tree is so despicable that if anyone ever even catches a glimpse of that tree, Chuckie, that tree could like eliminate the very reason for celebrating Christmas. . .  And naturally . .  it would be all your fault one more time . .  as usual, . .  Chuckie!


Chuckie, confused:    
But I was so sure you would like this tree this time Lucy. . . This tree has everything that . .


Lucy:               This tree of yours, Chuckie, will have people from all over the world asking the question Chuckie! . .  And do you know what is the question, Chuckie? . .  Huh? . . Do you Chuckie?


Chuckie, downcast:   
No, I guess I don’t know what is the question Lucy.


Lucy:               Good grief Chuckie! . . . Fine then, Chuckie! . . I shall tell you what is the question that everyone will be asking . . . And here it is . . The question everyone will be asking is. . . .
(shouts out)
What is the reason for Christmas?


(silence, actors start looking around, off stage. After a few more embarrassing seconds:)


Lucy:               Good grief!
I said . . .
What is the reason for Christmas?


Off stage voices:       
“Ooops I think that was our cue!” . . . Weren’t we supposed to go on stage when we heard Lucy scream?” . . “Hey let’s get out there!” . . etc.


Lucy:               Good grief, isn’t that just what you can expect from amateur actors?


GH, Laffs, Moped & Kay come on stage riding their horses, singing


Song:               We are the Knights Of The Rectangle Round Table
Boomarama boomarama boom boom boom boom
We find answers when nobody else is able
Boomarama boomarama boom boom boom boom

We are knights who really are quite a force and
Boomarama boomarama boom boom boom boom
If you think we are awesome take a look at our horses
Boomarama boomarama boom boom boom boom

We are the Knights Of The Rectangle Round Table
Boomarama booma . . . .


song interrupted by Lucy


Lucy:               Good grief! . . . What exactly is all the noise here?


Linus:              I thought their song was kinda awesome actually.


Chuckie:         An awesome song indeed if you ask me. . .


Lucy:               Well I didn’t ask you Chuckie!
(to knights)
Now then you noisy trash cans . . .
Who are you and why are you here and why should I care?


GH:                 Forsooth, I, . . sirs, . . . . am . . . Sir Gallonhead . . .


Linus:              Wow, I would have guessed you at just over three quarts.


Chuckie:         Three quarts? . . . What would that be in metric?


Lucy:               Who cares Chuckie?


Linus:              Likely no one would be impressed with a name like Sir 3.7854 Litres.


GH, bows, removes hat with flourish:           
Forsooth, my name is Sir Gallonhead . . at your service . .


Chuckie:         You seem to do a bunch of forsoothing . . And are you sure it wouldn’t be Sir Galahad?


Laff, laughs:   “Sir Galahad”? . . . Now that is one silly name! . . (laughs uncontrollably)


Linus, to Laff: And you would be . .?


Laff, laughs:   I am . . . Sir Laffsalot. . .  (laughs)


Chuckie:         Is it just me or is your name a lot like Sir Lancelot?


Laff, laughs:   I am . . . Sir Laffsalot. . .  (laughs) . .  ‘Cause I laffs a lot! . . (laughs)


Kay:                And I am Sir Kay.


Linus:              Maybe it’s just me but I always thought “Sir” meant a male person.


GH:                 Forsooth, that was my original point exactly, but what can we say, we were overruled, sadly.


Kay:                How, in the name of equality, can you say that a knight must be of the male gender?


Moped rushes onstage on scooter


Moped:           Sorry I am late guys . . . Sir Moped here.


Linus:              Closest I can come on that is Sir Mordred.


Chuckie:         Just sayin’ . .  how come you are called Sir Moped and you ride a scooter?

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