Resurrection Of Jonah

  • Cast Number: 27
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jonah

Theme:    Jonah was a prophet of God, and he loved God and God’s people. But like many of us, Jonah encountered people, (his enemies, the Ninivites), who he could not love, and he did not expect God to love those people either.?Jonah’s well chronicled flight from God, and the intervention via a large fish, are well known. So Jonah did go to Nineveh, and his warnings were heeded by the Ninivites and so God spared them. This was exactly why Jonah refused to go to Nineveh in the first place. So . . . Jonah staged a major pity party.?This 9 scene drama, also useful for Easter, compares Jonah who spent three days and nights in the belly of the fish, with Jesus who on the third day of being crucified was risen to life.?Songs or dance could be added.?
Bible Reference:    Jonah, Matthew

Cast:    27, some characters could be doubled up, example sailors, owners, Ninevites?Jonah (scenes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9)?Jesus (scenes 4, 9)?Captain (scene 1, 5)?Sailor1  (scene 1, 5)?Sailor2 (scene 1, 5)?Sailor3  (scene 1, 5)?Owner1 (scene 3)?Owner2 (scene 3)?Owner3 (scene 3)?Amittai, (uh-mit-ahy)  father of Jonah (scene 2)?Olivia, sister-in-law of Jonah  (scene 2)?Joseph, brother of Jonah  (scene 2)?Daniel, nephew of Jonah  (scene 2)?Abraham, neighbor of Amittai  (scene 2)?Peter, disciple  (scene 4, 8)?James, disciple  (scene 4, 8)?John, disciple  (scene 4, 8)?Martha, disciple (scene 4, 8)?Mary, mother of Jesus (scene 4, 8)?Judas, disciple (scene 4)?Eli, friend of Jonah  (scene 3)?VOG (offstage voice of God) (scene 5, 7)?Ninevite1 (N1) (scene 6) (M or F)?Ninevite2 (N2) (scene 6) (M or F)?Ninevite3 (N3) (scene 6) (M or F)?King (scene 6)?Narrator  (all scenes, remains on stage, silent, during scenes)

Set:    sets can be as lavish or plain as desired, we recommend blank sets

Lighting:    3 spots

 Sound:    wireless mics?SFX storm, earthquake, thunder, wind, rain, water

Costumes:    likely traditional

Time:    60

Sample of script:    


lights up on narrator

Narrator:    Tonight we examine Jonah, prophet of God.?Jonah, the reluctant prophet, commanded by God to go to Nineveh to warn the people that their wickedness could no longer be condoned.?But Jonah longed for the destruction, not the forgiveness of the Ninivites.

Lights low on narrator, up on stage left
Captain and sailors on stage, staggering from the wind and from the ship pitching in the storm

SFX:    wind howling, rain, wooden beams creaking?Strobe lights to indicate lightning storm

Sailor1:    Captain the ship is breaking apart . . . We have to do something, and quickly, or we will all go to the bottom of the sea!

Sailor2:    Most of the cargo has been thrown overboard and still we are tossed about.

Captain:    Then throw the rest of the cargo overboard . . .  And each of you . . . pray to your own god . . . whomever that may be. . . Pray for your safety and your life. . .

Sailor3:    But the ship Captain . . . how are we to save the ship?

Captain:    A ship I can replace . . .  I’ll not have human lives lost and their souls on my conscience for the rest of my days. . . . So pray! . . . And fervently!

Sailor1:    I have shouted, screamed to my god Asherah and her husband Baal . . . They have ignored my cry!

Sailor2:    My god, Ashtoreth, has been equally silent to my call.

SFX:    louder storm sounds

actors are blown about

Captain:    It seems all gods have turned their backs on us. . . . We are doomed!

Sailor3:    What of the god of the Hebrew man?

Captain:    Indeed! . . . Jonah, son of Amittai. . .

Sailor3:    He boasted that he worshipped the Lord, the God of heaven who made the sea and the dry land.

SFX:    very loud storm noise

Captain:    What are we waiting for . . . where is this Jonah?

Saior3:    Jonah is sleeping below deck.

Captain, shouts offstage:?Jonah son of Amittai! Get on deck and call out to your god before we all perish!

Jonah comes on stage

Captain:    Call on your god that he will stop the storm and save all of us from death!

Jonah:    There is no use; I have gone against the commands of the Lord God Jehovah. God won’t listen to me, I have dishonored his name through my disobedience and sin.

Sailor1:    We all have sinned; there is no way to know who it is that the gods rise up against. . . . It could as easily be I.

Sailor2:    Indeed, or I.

Jonah:    I am running from God, this storm God put in place to stop me, and to correct my headstrong ways.

Sailor2:    Perhaps if we were to take down the sails and row we could make shore.

Sailor3:    Yes, every man to the oars!

Jonah:    I tell you it is my fault . . .

Captain:    What have you done that you would cause you God to go against you.

Jonah:    I have told you . .  It’s my fault, I disobeyed. . . .  Now do as I say. . . Throw me overboard and the Lord God will calm the storm and save you.

Captain:    Throwing you overboard in this storm seals your fate . . . You will die!

Jonah:    Better I die and you and your crew are saved. . . No more talk Captain, do it now!

Captain:    Very well, but I can’t help but wonder what brought this all about . . .

lights full off, except narrator
SCENE II –  (PREVIOUSLY) AT The Home Of Amittai

Narrator:    Jonah decided to ignore God’s command, choosing to run in the opposite direction, to get as far from Nineveh as he possibly could. His family and friends had great concerns.

lights up on left stage
Amittai, (uh-mit-ahy) family are sitting around table talking

Amittai:    It is so good to have family around my table . . . Especially grandchildren! Eat up children!

Olivia:    You spoil my children Amittai! . . . And we all love it!

Amittai:    I don’t get to see you enough my beautiful daughter-in-law!

Joseph, arm around Olivia:    ?Father, you know very well that every time I bring my lovely wife home to see you she is spoiled beautifully, as are my children!

Amittai:    Well that is an old father’s right Joseph my son. . .  And since your dear mother passed you are all I have left to spoil. . . . What with your brother away from home so much. . . .

Olivia:    And where is Jonah?

Amittai:    When I last heard from Jonah he was in Jerusalem. . . Life is busy for a prophet of the Lord God.

Joseph, laughs:    ?Yes Father, we know indeed! . . . In fact the whole world knows since you have told everyone who will listen.?(embraces Amittai)?We are all proud of my brother Jonah, you know that Father.

Amittai:    Surely not every father in Israel has a prophet for a son.

Daniel comes rushing on stage, excited, bumps into Joseph

Joseph:    Daniel, what has come over you son? . . . Is this the way you act when visiting your grandfather?

Daniel:    Sorry Father . . . But it’s Uncle Jonah, he’s coming down the lane.

all are excited, looking off stage

Amittai:    My son! . .  My son is home!

Jonah comes on stage, tentative, is embraced by all actors

Joseph:    Brother! . . . How is my famous brother?

Jonah:    I am . . . OK.

Amittai:    Just OK? . . . My son! . . .  Always the self effacing one!

Abraham comes on stage

Amittai:    Abraham my friend! . . . Jonah, you remember our neighbor Abraham. . . Come in to my humble home Abraham, come on in my friend!

Abraham:    Thank you neighbor Amittai, thank you for your hospitality. But I just dropped in because I was sure I saw the prophet Jonah enter your home.

Amittai, hand on Jonah’s shoulder:    ?My son the prophet! . . . The most famous man to come from Gath-hepher, ever!

Abraham:    The whole town is impressed, it’s true. . . . So tell me Jonah . .  you have been talking to God recently?

Jonah:    Yes, yes I have been talking with God this morning, actually.

Abraham:    Forgive me Jonah, I always wanted to know . .  When God speaks to a prophet,  . . what does God say?

Jonah:    Well, different things, things he wants his people to know.

Daniel:    What was God’s instruction this morning Uncle Jonah?

Jonah:    It was . . . had to do with the people of Nineveh.

Abraham:    God had instructions for the people of Nineveh?

Jonah:    More like a warning.

Amittai:    Son, it seems we are dragging the information out of you.

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