Miracles Of Jesus

  • Cast Number: 30
  • Run-time: 55 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 8:40-56

Theme:            This 6 act drama skit tells of some of the amazing miracles of Jesus, including raising the daughter of Jairus from the dead, feeding the 5,000, turning water into wine at Cana, the woman healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ robe, raising Lazarus from his tomb and also the “miracles” of the crucifixion and resurrection.
The format of this drama is “a drama within a drama” as we get to see a group “performing the drama” as it unfolds. Some of the participants struggle accepting these happenings and whether they are miracles, coincidences, dreamer’s fantasies or outright lies.
An excellent church drama, useful at any time of year including Easter, with segments that can be used for self-standing skits.


Bible Reference:          Luke 8:40-56, Matthew 14:13-21, John 11, Matthew 26-28


Cast:                30+ characters, many are small roles, many actors should play more than one part
Emery: David (Dad), Beth (Mom) & Hope (daughter)
Robbins: Neil (Dad), Tasha (Mom), Jimmy (son), Emma (grandmother)
Friends of Hope & Jimmy: Stacy & Chris
Drama Director: Paula
Bible characters:
Jesus, Mary, Andrew, Nathanael, Philip, Peter, John, Judas, Mary Magdalene, Woman Luke 8, Jairus & daughter, Lazarus and Mary and Martha, Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Centurion, Angel
Others: Young Priest, Servants, Assistants, Wailers, Persons in crowds, Offstage voice


Set:                  Could be bare or enhanced at the wish of the director except tomb needed
Two distinct areas are needed, one for the families and the other for Biblical action. These need to be separated either by lighting or (preferably) a scrim set.


Sound:             Music (supplied by director as appropriate)


Costumes:       combination of traditional and contemporary as fits the character/time


Props:              6 large jars for water, dipper, scripts, bag lunch, bread, baskets, crown of thorns, royal robe, purse with coins


Time:              55 minutes (plus music)


Sample of script:


Segment I – Turning Water Into Wine


Neil & Tasha are sitting at one side of stage, David & Beth at the other, watching action

Miss Paula, Hope, Jimmy, Stacy & Chris come on stage


Paula:              Guys we’ll start off rehearsing the wedding at Cana segment.?In the scene you play a difficult role. . . You are town children, watching, interested in what is going on. Having no speaking parts makes this more difficult.


Stacy:              What do you mean, “difficult” Miss Paula? If we don’t gotta memorize lines this should be a piece ‘a cake.


Chris:              Right on Stacy . . . All I have to do is go on stage and look beautiful.


Jimmy:            That will take some acting for you to look beautiful Chris! . . .  Just kidding!


Hope:              I know what Miss Paula’s saying . . .  I was in the play last year and it’s true, having no lines really is much harder.


Paula:              Hope’s right. You need to show correct emotion at the right time. But you can’t overact or the audience will be watching you and not what is going on in the drama.?During the play there are many very different emotions. There will be times of anger, other times great joy, others times sadness. You will have to show all that, and at the right times.


Jimmy:            I can do the angry part . . . .


Jimmy takes on a angry pose, fists up and clenched says: “grrrrrr” but with smile on face


Hope:              Well Jimmy, your body looked angry, but you had a big smile on your face. People watching won’t know if you are sad or happy.


Paula:              Again right Hope. People would be confused, and seeing both anger and happiness they likely will see it as humor. And, remember, you have no spoken lines so you won’t be saying “grrrrr” or anything else.  You must speak with your face and body, nothing else.


Jimmy:            This is gonna be more difficult than I figured!


Stacy:              I guess Jimmy . . . but I think it will be fun too.


Chris:              And I can see that looking beautiful won’t be enough.


Paula:              Just remember no fidgeting. Always remember you should be looking toward the person who is speaking. This helps the audience to stay focused on what is being said onstage.?OK then, let’s bring on the actors for the “Wedding At Cana” segment.


Cana segment actors come on stage, scripts in hand, wearing modern day leisure clothing

Jesus and his disciples are sitting at a table downstage center, others are in upstage positions


Paula:              We are doing open book in this rehearsal but remember, next rehearsal will be off book so get your lines memorized.?OK then, action! Andrew be ready, you have the first line.


Andrew:          This is an amazing feast!


Nathanael:       It’s a great party, everyone is here, having a great time!


Phillip:             The father of the bride must be rich to throw a party like this.


Peter:               He must have huge vineyards to produce all the wine his guests are putting away.


Mary approaches Jesus


Mary:              Son, your talents are needed. . . . The weather is hot, our relative has run out of wine. . . . He will be embarrassed in front of the entire town. . . . Come, help!


Jesus:              Woman, it’s not time for me to use my talents.


Mary:              You have no choice! . . . The honor of the family is at risk!


Jesus:              Mother!


Mary, points to assistants:      ?
These people will assist you.?(to the assistants)?Do as he asks.


Jesus:              See those six water jars, fill them to the top with fresh water.


assistants bring pails of water to the jugs


Nathaniel:        Those are huge jars, likely over 150 gallons.


Andrew:          Surely Master, you don’t mean to fill those jars with wine?


Jesus:              Where is the master of the banquet?


Master:            I am he.


Jesus:              Draw from the jars.


Master takes a sample from a jar, drinks


Master:            I must compliment the bride’s father. Without question the finest wine I’ve ever tasted.


Phillip:             Teacher! . . . how did you do it?


Jesus:              My Father in heaven provides for the needs of his people, in abundance and quality.


Philip:              This was a miracle . . . and I saw it right before me, with my own eyes.


Paula moves to downstage center


Paula:              That was a good first run through. . . . Remember rehearsals now will be off script, so get memorization down pat.
That’s it for tonight but I want to chat a minute with Hope, Jimmy, Stacy, Chris.


other actors leave stage, parents stay in place


Paula:              You did very well, no fidgeting. You were watching what was happening on stage, again good.
But there were changing emotions, and I didn’t see this from you.
At the start there was happiness . . . How would you mime happiness in your faces? . . .  Hope?


Hope:              Well Miss Paula, I guess there would be big smiles as we watched.


Paula:              Very good. Then emotion changed to being unsure if there would be enough wine. How would you show that?


Jimmy:            I guess the smiles would be gone and there would be some worry.


Stacy:              Like you mean some worry lines, . . .  like this?


Stacy furrows the brow


Paula:              Very good! Emotions change to curiosity as Jesus told the attendants what to do.


Chris:              I bet the emotion would be shock when Jesus changed the water into wine.


Paula:              Yes Chris I’m sure mouths would fall open in shock. So, you need to think how you react to different moods. . .  be careful to not overdo it.
So, good work, I’m looking forward to next practice.
Chris and Stacy, your parents are waiting outside.
Hope and Jimmy’s parents have been here for the rehearsal.


Chris and Stacy go offstage,  Paula moves to the parents


Paula:              Hi Beth and David, nice to see you here. Good to see you again Tasha.


Tasha:              Hi Paula, this is my husband Neil Robbins.


Paula offers her hand to Neil who reluctantly accepts and mutters a low “hi”


Paula:              It really makes a big difference when parents show their support.


David:             It’s the least we can go with all the time you put into these productions Paula.


Paula:              My pleasure. Hope learned a lot last year. And I was very pleased to see how well Jimmy picked up on emotions.


Neil:                I’m not sure this is worthwhile for the kids if they don’t have any lines.


Paula:              There will be lines for all in the future segments. But this is very important training, especially for those new to acting.


David:             Neil, I wondered about that last year when Hope started. But it really did help her in her learn.


Neil:                Well, whatever, we should really be going.


Paula:              Before you go, do you parents have any questions?


Neil:                Well I wonder if it’s healthy putting that weird stuff in kids heads.


Tasha:              Neil!


Paula:              Weird stuff?


Neil:                The miracle stuff.


Paula:              This play is about miracles Jesus performed.


Neil:                Yes, but no one really believes all that.


Tasha:              My husband has issues with the concept of miracles.

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