Modern Dating

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 13:13

Theme:            Teenage dating is a whole new game, what with the influence of TV, movies and a more relaxed attitude toward sexual relationships. Three pairs of teens discuss, and debate, what is appropriate and acceptable.


Bible Reference:          Romans 13:13


Cast:                8 (teens or young adults
Jason (friend of Nancy)
Nancy (friend of Jason)
Randy (friend of Bert)
Bert (friend of Randy)
Doreen (friend of Janice)
Janice (friend of Doreen)
Chris (m or f, with Kim)
Kim (m or f, with Chris)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              25


Sample of script:


Kim & Chris come on stage, go to upstage location, watch quietly while the next 3 pairs perform

Jason & Nancy come to downstage left, sit together


Jason:              We have been seeing each other for a long time now Nancy.


Nancy:             Yes, we have Jason.


Jason:              Must be what, a couple of months now?


Nancy:             Actually two weeks Jason, but yes, I enjoy being with you.


Jason:              Yes, it’s been a good time, we seem to get along great.


Nancy:             Yes, thanks for taking me to the car show Jason, I really enjoyed that. . .  But I wish you would let me pay for my ticket, you don’t have to pay for me.


Jason, arm around Nancy’s shoulder:           
No problem at all sweetheart, I like to look after my woman. You can pay me back by just being sweet.


Nancy, moves away, changing subject:          
How do you think you did on the math test Jason, some really tough questions.


Jason:              Schools out for the day Nancy, time to have other things on our minds.


Nancy:             Other things?


Jason, arm around:    
Like you said, we have been dating for a couple of months now and . . .


Nancy, avoids: That was you who said the couple of months, and I didn’t know we were actually dating, we are just friends.


Jason, arm around:    
“Just friends” don’t have the kind of feelings we have for each other. I can so clearly see we were made for each other.


Nancy, moves away:  
Jason this seems to be going too far too fast.


lights off on Jason & Nancy who freeze

Bert & Randy come to downstage right, stand


Bert:                Hey Randy! . . So how’s it goin’ between you and Sexy Sadie?


Randy:             Actually Sadie and I went to the opera last night, never done opera before, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.


Bert:                Never thought of you as an opera kind of guy Randy.


Randy, laughs:           
Me neither Bert! . . . But Sadie went with me to the hockey game last week so it was my turn to go to what she likes.


Bert:                Not sure if any chick would ever get me to the opera, even if it came with full benefits.


Randy:             Full benefits?


Bert:                If a chick doesn’t head for the bed in the second date at the least . . . it’s bye bye birdie. . . . You two have been dating for what, four months . . .


Randy:             Three weeks actually.


Bert:                So how long before you . . . got to know her?


Randy:             “Know her?”


Bert:                Man you are a drag! . . . . How long before you had sex?


Randy:             We haven’t had sex.


Bert:                You what? . . . Sadie is a well packed woman, what’s holding you back?


Randy:             Bert, we are having a great time together, enjoying each other’s company.


Bert:                Chicken! . . . Do you need someone to show you how its done?


Randy:             Why the rush to have sex Bert?


Bert:                Fact is you are on the clock! . . . Chicks expect sex; Sadie will be thinking about dumping you if you don’t produce!


Randy & Bert freeze, Doreen & Janice come to downstage center


Doreen:           I love your new hairdo Janice. Really sexy.


Janice:             It’s quick, doesn’t take a lot of maintenance, works for me. (laughs)
But not sure I would call it sexy.


Doreen:           Now if we can do something about your clothes.


Janice, shock:  What’s wrong with my clothing Doreen?


Doreen:           You are attractive, have the physical assets, but the clothes you wear hide everything guys want to explore.


Janice:             Hold on Doreen, what are you saying?


Doreen:           Start with your jeans . . . Looks like you are trying to use up a surplus of cloth.


Janice:             Pardon?


Doreen:           Guys wanna see your curves, so go search for the tightest jeans you can pull on, and then buy one size smaller.
And that blouse you are wearing . . . .! It’s more like armor than clothing. Guys wanna see cleavage. . . . Remember, the key to a guy’s attention is . . . let him see what he wants to explore.


Janice:             What’s with this explore thing Doreen?


Doreen:           You do want to be popular don’t you Janice?


Janice:             Guess everyone wants to be popular but . . .


Doreen:           Do you want to be another Phyllis Montrose?


Janice:             What is wrong with Phyllis Montrose?


Doreen:           When Phyllis graduated high school last year she was still a Vee!


Janice:             A . . . Vee?


Doreen:           A virgin. No woman wants that.


Janice:             Are you saying you don’t want to be a virgin when we graduate?


Doreen:           Janice, you are an OK person but soooo naive! . . . The ship has sailed on my virginity long ago . . . And I hope for you too Janice.


Doreen & Janice freeze

Chris & Kim move downstage


Chris:              Wow, people sure look on intimacy and sexual purity in different ways, huh?


Kim:                Sure seems like it Chris. And it’s all age groups, all backgrounds, male and female, all seem to struggle with this.


Chris:              Sure do Kim. Think it’s because people don’t talk about sex enough?


Kim:                Or is it that people talk about it too much? . . . Let’s face it, you can’t go on TV, radio or in newspapers and not get people talking about sex.


Chris:              Or go to a movie, even movies for family viewing seem to concentrate on sexual themes.


Chris & Kim move beside Janice & Doreen


Chris:              Interesting how these two girls looked at premarital sex in different ways.


Kim:                Doreen seemed to feel that is was socially unacceptable, that it was kind of a shame to still be a virgin in high school.


Chris:              Do you think Doreen’s views are shared by many teenage girls?


Kim:                From what I read and hear it seems like it is.


Chris & Kim freeze, Janice & Doreen come to life


Doreen, shock: Janice, are you telling me you haven’t had sex, I mean, ever?


Janice:             Never.


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