Sacrifice of Two Men

  • Cast Number: 31
  • Run-time: 90 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 35-47
Easily staged 10 act presentation based on a contemporary, (but serious), handling of the life of Old Testament Joseph, with comparisons to the earthly life of Jesus. Can be used as Easter or Maundy Thursday presentation or at any time of year.
Set in the mid1900’s, Joseph (Joey) and his family are farmers. Joey’s brothers “arrange” his necessary departure and Joey goes to work for Matt Potts, ends up in jail, and then back in charge of setting aside the harvest from the seven years of abundance. And, as in the original Biblical accounts, Joey’s brothers show up to buy grain during the time of famine.
Between each scene there is a three part narration, and the drama ends with a human video, (mime to music), of the Ray Boltz song, “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb”. (Written script only, no video or music).
Parts could be doubled up and many, (with the more obvious “brother” exceptions), could be male or female, any age.
Set May be as elaborate or plain as desired/available.
NOTE: since all acts except Act I take place at a table, and since there is a short narration in between each act, it would be easy to use the same set and simply have a slightly different backdrop to distinguish between Potts Ranch and Jake’s farm.
Cast: 31 (could be expanded or doubled up)
Lighting: standard with a spotlight, if possible, to darken stage between acts
Sound Effects: clips of car approaching and brakes, horses running, people cheering
Song: “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb” words and music by Ray Boltz© 1994 Shepherd Boy Music/ASCAP & Word Music/ASCAP
Costumes: older work clothing circa 1950, torn dress for Sarah Act II ,appropriate prisoner clothing Act III
Props: table and chairs, coffee cups, books, pens, jackets, paper, package with money for Act I, beard for Joey Act IV

Sample of script:

Opening Narration:
offstage voices in the darkness
Visual F/X: animation of clouds moving
Narrator1: This is the story of two men.
Two men, flesh and blood, who walked this earth.
Two men to whom were assigned incredible responsibilities
Two men with seemingly humanly impossible tasks.
Two men to whom the love of God was applied equally, but displayeduniquely
(slight pause)
Two men . . . .
(slight pause)
Similar yet worlds apart:
(slight pause)
Both men were greatly loved by their fathers.
Narrator2: Joseph, beloved son of Jacob.
Narrator 3: Jesus, beloved son of God.
Narrator1: Two men who were both servant and savior
Narrator2: Joseph, a recruited servant who lived to be an unintentional savior.
Narrator3: Jesus, an eager servant who died to be a deliberate savior.
Narrator1: Two men of great faith.
Narrator2: Joseph, whose daily life required his faith in the God outside himself.
Narrator2: Jesus, whose death and resurrection validated our faith that he was God himself.
Narrator1: Two men whose circumstances colored the fabric of their faith.
Narrator2: Joseph, became daily more convinced of the breadth of God’s holiness.
Narrator2: Jesus, who came to earth to know first hand humanity’s need for redemption.
Narrator1: Two men in whose life we see a faith of many colors.
Two . . . men . . .
Visual F/X off

Act I – a meadow

Sound F/X: horses running, people cheering
lights up on Rube, Simon, Lee, Jude, Ike, Zeke, Gabe, Ash, Dan, Nate, and Ben, watching a horse race
Rube, excited: Will ya just look at your little brother! Little Joey finished the race two full lengths ahead of Tommy Bruce’s gelding!
Ben, very excited:Wow, just think! Our brother Joey, winner of this 1948 Clarke County Fair Horse Race!
Ash: Yeh right Ben, we’ll never hear the end of this one, Joey braggin’ about how much better rider he is than the rest of us, how his horse is like the greatest ever!
Nate: Can you just imagine Joey telling us about his dreams now; even more of how we all bow down to him and serve him.
Ash: Joey the dreamer! And in his dreams he is always number one!
Simon: I can just hear Jake goin’ on about, (mimics) . . . “little Joey” . . and, (mimics) . . . “isn't that kid just about the greatest you ever did see?”
Rube: Simon, he is our father, you will show him some respect by calling him Father, and not Jake!
Gabe: Look Rube, if Jake showed some respect for the rest of us maybe he would deserve to be called Father! Let’s face it, all Jake cares about is Joey . .. (looks at Ben) . . and Ben of course!
Ben: Look you guys, he is father to all of us, and he has given us all stuff. (looks at Lee and Nate) What about you Lee, Nate, didn’t Father buy both of you the best horses for this race?
Nate: Well, yeh but . . . .
Lee: Nothing like the horse he got for Joey!
Jude: Did you see that saddle he got for Joey?
Ike: Yeh, and the coat he had made for Joey!
Zeke: You got that right, Ike, every color in the rainbow in that coat I tell ya! Never once would he give something like that to any of the rest of us! Makes a guy want to . . .
Dan: Hush that talk you guys, here comes Father now!
Jake walks on stage, proudly, greets the sons happily Jake: Did you see little Joey? Isn't that kid just about the greatest you ever did see?

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