Court Case For a Corpse

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 24
Proof of the resurrection, a courtroom drama sets out to determine if there truly was a ressurection.A modern day court room setting with lawyers, judge and jury set out to prove that the "cadaver" was indeed stolen and that's that. Did He rise? Is the teachings of Jesus going to go on? What kind of people will believe Him? The jury was dismissed!

Cast: may be male or female, any age
Court Clerk

Set: does not need elaborate sets, would be useful to have raised area for judge if possible

Costumes could be period, however we recommend a contemporary look

Sample of script

Clerk: All rise, District Six Superior Court now in session, Honorable Benjamin Laine presiding.
Judge, sits, strikes gavel, says: You may be seated.
Prosecutor: Your honor we wish to present, the state versus Paul Tarsus, Mary Magdala, et al, in absentia.
Judge: Et al? And just precisely how many are being arraigned in this matter, Mr. Prosecutor?
Prosecutor: Frankly, Your Honor, we are not sure, the offense was perpetrated under the cover of darkness, therefore the exact identities of the accused are unsure at this juncture.
Judge: It is not my intention to initiate some form of cross examination of yourself at this point, however, how can you, Mr. Prosecutor, presume to bring forth an accusation against persons about whose identities it would appear you have little or no hard facts or knowledge?
Prosecutor: May I ask that you bear with me, Your Honor, the charges will, in due course be made clear. The facts of this case are sound and firm.
Judge: I will withhold judgment on that opinion, Mr. Prosecutor, I am far from convinced! Be forewarned, the burden of proof in this matter lies with you, sir. I will not have shoddy tactics, nor theatrics, in my courtroom.
Prosecutor: I can assure you, neither are planned, Your Honor.
Judge: Thank you Mr. Prosecutor, and who, then, will represent the defendants?
Lawyer: I, your honor, Peter McLean, will represent the defendants. I wish to begin by introducing a motion to quash the charges against my clients.
Judge: You are wasting no time, are you Counselor. And, although I admit to some discomfort with the early stance of the prosecution, may I suggest that prior to entertaining any motion to quash the charges against your client that first there be a reading of those charges.
Prosecutor: Theft of a cadaver, your Honor.
Judge: Body snatching?
Prosecutor: Er, yes, Your Honor.
Judge: A heinous crime! The sanctity of the remains of the departed is unquestioned throughout all jurisprudence. The bridge between normal mankind and those who would perpetrate such a crime is the same as separates us from the animals. On what warped opinion did the perpetrators feel justified in this, this, . . . travesty?
Prosecutor: The person whose body was stolen was the dead leader of this group, this cult. One would expect that as followers of this man, the accused felt a right of ownership in the body of their ex-leader.
Judge: Poppycock! Cadaver nullius in bonis! The law states, “no one can have a right of property in a corpse”.
Prosecutor: These people, this cult, these so-called, “Followers of the Way”, surely Your Honor knows they have no scruples, no belief in the law. Do they not in fact state that their leader’s status makes them no longer subject to the law?
Lawyer: Objection, Your Honor. The prosecution is grandstanding, making statements which are purely conjecture, hearsay evidence, with no proof as to the validity of his statements. The words of the prosecutor are without question defamatory toward my clients. He has set the tone of this trial with never so much as a shred of proof of any statement made so far.
Judge: I do not necessarily disagree with you, counselor, however, let me also inform you that we are still only in a process of discovery, the trial has not begun, nor has the jury been called to the bar. So, please spare the objections until the actual indictment is read, and preliminaries have been disposed of.
Lawyer: But, Your honor . . .
Judge: No buts, I will hold the two of you in contempt of this court if both of you continue your unacceptable tactics in my court. Do I make myself understood?
Lawyer: Yes, Your Honor.
Judge: Mr. Prosecutor?
Prosecutor: It was not I who . . . . .
Judge: Mr. Prosecutor. Have I made myself clear, or do I need to be more firm with you?
Prosecutor: No, sir, I understand, sir.
Judge: Very well then, let’s none of us have any lapse of memory in that regard. Now, then, Mr. Prosecutor, what evidence do you intend to bring before this court?

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