Dawn of Belief

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 24
Easter Sunday message, the women, Mary and Joanna, full of despair, go to the tomb and find it empty

Mary Magdalene (mar-ee'-ah mag-dal-ay-nay') - could be late teen or older
Joanna (Ioanna ee-o-an'-nah) - could be late teen or older

Costumes Mary Magdalene and Joanna would be in appropriate Bible period clothing.

Set None, drama is done in the aisle and on the stage in church sanctuary.

Lighting Spot to follow ladies up aisle from the back of the sanctuary onto the stage optional.

Pronunciation and Background
Magdalene mag-dal-ay-nay'
1) a name given to Mary Magdalene, identifying her as from Magdala
Magdala mag-dal-ah'
1) a place on the western shore of the Lake of Galilee, about 3 miles (5 km) south of Tiberias
Joses Ioses ee-o-sace'
Joses (brother of James), Joses (Brother of Jesus), Joses (Barnabas)
Zebedaios dzeb-ed-ah'-yos
1) a fisherman of Galilee, father of James the Great and John, husband of Salome
Salome sal-o'-may
1) the wife of Zebedee and the mother of the apostle James the elder and John
Ioanna ee-o-an'-nah
1) the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and a follower of Jesus
Chouzas khood-zas'
1) the house steward of Herod Antipas

Sample of script

As the drama begins the two women's excited voices are heard from the foyer outside the sanctuary. Note that when women enter the sanctuary they must reflect the great joy and excitement which their words are telling. They must run, not stroll or walk, up the aisle to the front of the sanctuary. Their voices will be extremely loud

Joanna and Mary's excited voices off stage:: Peter! He asked that you be told! John! His power has overcome death! The cords of death could not hold Him! James! The tomb is empty! Salome (sal-o'-may)! We were there! Mary! Good news! Joses (ee-o-sace')! Just as He told us! Martha! Wondrous news! Lazurus! He who raised you has now risen! Mary! Weep no more!
Two women rush in to sanctuary from rear, (or side), doors and light comes up on them.
Mary: All of you! All of His disciples! He has risen! He who was crucified! He is alive! Alive!
Joanna: We were there! We saw it with our own eyes! The tomb is empty!
Mary: Where is everyone, Joanna (ee-o-an'-nah)? We must let them all know! Jesus, the one who was crucified! He is now alive!
Joanna: Oh Mary Magdalene (mar-ee'-ah mag-dal-ay-nay')! He truly is risen, has He not? I mean, we are sure, aren't we?
Mary: Joanna, we saw it with our own eyes! The tomb was empty! The linen cloths that bound His body were lying neatly on the ledge.
Joanna: But the men, will they believe us, women? Will they not question what we saw, the angel, the empty tomb?
Mary: You saw Cornelius (kor-nay'-lee-os) , the centurion, you even talked with him this morning at the tomb! Did he not tell you what had happened? You, the wife of Chuza (khood-zas'), Herod's own house steward, surely you would believe the testimony of the centurion Cornelius!
Joanna: Poor Cornelius! The Jewish leaders were offering large bribes to all of the soldiers who were guarding the tomb, all the soldiers had to do was offer a false report, to say they had fallen asleep while guarding the tomb, and that friends of our Master stole the body while they slept. Some dilemma! If the Roman soldiers said they had fallen asleep, they were liable to death at the hands of their Roman superiors. If they told the truth, they must say that when the earthquake, or whatever it was, rolled the huge stone from the entrance to the tomb, the tomb was empty, the body of Jesus was gone. Would anyone believe them?

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