The Blood

  • Cast Number: 18
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 13,18
This is an evangelical drama that is an allegory of Jesus’ sacrifice for us and what we do with that sacrifice. It portrays a modern day epidemic that there is only one cure for. It is then up to each individual whether they accept it or not.

Bible Reference: Matt. 13:3-9, 18-23, Mark 4:3, 14, Luke 8:5

Cast: 18 plus extras - The main characters must be mother, father, young boy, but the rest can be either male or female. There are two non-speaking roles and one which is an off-stage voice.

Set: Most of the scenes only need a bus stop sign. There is one scene that is set up like a living room with a television, a hospital waiting room, a hospital examination room and a church memorial service. Using chairs and tables is sufficient. I like to use a portable curtain to close during changes of scenes.

Special Effects: Sound effects needed: the sound of a bus starting up, the sound of a garbled radio, door slamming, the sound of a heart beating and very slowly coming to a stop.

Props: Bus stop sign, TV, several chairs, radio, telephone, cell phone, pulpit, grocery bags, newspapers, table or hospital bed, blood taking paraphernalia like syringes, bands band-aids, etc.

Costumes: Two nurse uniforms and two lab coats, otherwise standard dress.

Lighting: No special lighting needed.

Sample of script:

SCENE 1: Evelyn

Props: Chair, Small table, Telephone, Small radio, Nail file
Costumes: Evelyn is wearing a robe with a towel around her head.
Staging: Evelyn is sitting on a chair SC next to a table with a telephone and radio filing her nails.

Evelyn: (dials telephone number and waits a minute; her voice is nasal)
Hi, Harriet? It's me. I'm just calling to see what you're wearing to the party Friday night. (waits)
You mean the blue dress with the wide strap? (waits - wrinkling her nose)
Oh, that one ... (waits)
No, no, really. I think you look great in that one. (waits)
No, you do not look fat in that. (waits)
What do you mean you don't believe me? (waits)
Alright, alright, we'll go shopping on our lunch break tomorrow! (waits - stops filing her nails)
Hey, wait a minute, Harriet, the radio is telling about that little village in India again. Hold on. (turns radio up; there is a garbled voice, she listens for a minute then turns the radio down and turns back to the phone?
Isn't that the creepiest thing? Did you hear it? This town - Barachi.
(waits) Yeah, Barachi. 18 people are dead now. The announcer said it was this flu or something but they've never seen it before. I guess all the big countries are sending their top scientists to check it out. (waits - starts filing nails again)
Ahh, they'll figure it out. Probably a bad mosquito or something. I sure am glad we live in a civilized country! Gotta go, Harriet? Bye, bye for now. (hangs up phone and walks off stage.) 

SCENE 2: Agnes, Sue

Props: Two filled grocery bags, bus stop sign, bench
Costumes: Agnes and Sue both dress casual with sweaters
Staging: The scene opens with Agnes and Sue walking down Center aisle, holding grocery bags. There is a bus stop at CS. They stop to talk.

Agnes: (on the verge of tears) I can't believe it, Sue. The news said there are now over 30,000 people dead in Barachi, India.

Sue, (shaking her head): I just can't believe that those medical people have been over there almost a week now and haven't found a thing! They aren't as smart as they think they are, now are they?

Agnes: I heard they're sending people from the Disease Control Center in Atlanta because this flu strain has never been seen before.

Sue: It's always something! First it was Sars, then the Avian Flu and the H1N1 flu, and now this! It's getting to be that decent folk can't get away from hearing about all the sickness anymore!

Agnes: Don't worry. They're bound to figure it out. I just know they will! They have to, right?

Sue shakes her head and both continue to walk and exit, SL. 

SCENE 3: George, Fred

Props: 2 Newspapers
Costumes: Business suits for both
Staging: Scene opens with George, SL, and Fred, SR, coming at each other toward the bus stop. They nearly collide because they are both reading newspapers.

George: Oh, sorry, Fred. I wasn't paying attention. Did you read the front page of the newspaper?

Fred: I'm reading it now and I can't believe it! This "Mystery Flu" has now reached Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. It says here that they have people working around the clock to try to figure this out.

George: I just hope they keep it over there. Did you read about the symptoms?

Fred: Not yet. What does it say?

George: As far as they can tell, you have it for a week and you don't know it. Then, it hits you. Four days of torture!

Fred: (gulps) What do you mean?

George: Let me read it to you! First, your eyes get all crusty as if they had scales on them and your feet and hands swell. Then you start getting chronic nose bleeds, a rash and your joints ache. (Fred is visibly nervous) You can't eat or drink because you'll vomit. You break out in fever blisters all over. (Fred rubs his arm) In the last stages your neck swells and you can't breathe well. (Fred's hand goes to his throat and he is hyperventilating slightly.) Then your heart gives out from all of the toxins your body can't get rid of and then (matter-of-factly) you die.

Fred: I-I hope they find the cure. (tapping the paper) It says here that the president stated that he is sending all of the resources they can to come up with a cure.

George: I just wonder how they are going to contain it!

Fred: (shaking his head) I wonder, too, George! I wonder, too.

George: (sound of bus) Come on, Fred, there's our bus!

(Both men run down the aisle to catch the bus.) 

SCENE 4: Tommy, Bob, News Anchor, President, Rose

Props: 2 chairs & living room type furniture, TV, Remote control, Suitcase, Gift Bag, Overcoat
Costumes: Bob is in casual at-home wear, Tommy is in pajamas, Rose is wearing business attire
Staging: Scene opens with Bob and Tommy sitting next to each other watching television. Bob is holding a remote control. The television is positioned so that the audience cannot see it. They can only see the light emitting from it. The voices of the President and News Anchor will come from off stage as if they were coming from the TV or they can be taped ahead of time.

Tommy: Isn't there anything else on? I'm bored. When is Mom coming home?

Bob: Shush now, Tommy. You know Mom had to go to France on a business trip. She'll be home in a few days.

Tommy: Well, alright. As long as we can have pizza again for supper tomorrow.

Bob: (chuckles and pats Tommy's arm) Whatever you say, Bud. Now let me hear the news. (Points the remote control at the television as if to turn it up)

News Anchor: (from backstage) The president of France made a startling announcement today that they were closing their borders to all countries where the now rampant Mystery Flu has been seen. Sadly, this action was not quick enough. We have just picked up a report from France that a 34 year old man is lying in AuBerge' Hospital in Paris. He is in the last stages of the Mystery Flu. May God be with us! (He pauses) This just in! The President of the United States is about to address the American people. We now go live to Washington.

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