Held By Love

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 35 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 23
Young people discuss the Easter story and why Jesus didn’t do what whatever it took to save himself from death.

Cast: 4 young people (could be male or female) likely late pre-teen to mid-teen
Mitzi, Damon’s sister

Set: blank set

Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Songs: Calvary, Richard Smallwood (on YouTube)
It Wasn’t The Nails, Mississippi Mass Choir (on YouTube)
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (Katrina Song), Rev. Timothy Wright (on YouTube)

Time: 15 + songs, likely 35 minutes

Sample of script:

Marcus and Betty are on stage, Damon comes on

Damon: Hey Marcus, hey Betty, whatcha doin’ guys?

Marcus: Hangin’

Damon: Mind if I hang with ya?

Betty: It’s a free world Damon.

Marcus: What’s that button you got on your jacket? . . (reads) . . Says, “I am a Calvary person.” . . What’s a Calvary person?

Damon: I go to Calvary church; our youth group got a bunch printed up.

Betty: You go to church Damon?

Damon: Yep.

Marcus: Better question is . . “Why do you go to church?”

Damon: It’s a cool place to hang out . . lotsa cool people there.

Marcus: Yeh right! . . What do you do? Play hide and go seek with your eyes closed prayin’?

(Marcus laughs uproariously, Damon giggles)

Betty: That wasn’t nice Marcus.

Damon: No prob Betty, I thought it was kinda funny.

Betty: Actually, why do you go to church Damon. My family used to go a couple of times a year but we were always bored so we just quit.

Marcus: Buncha loser idiots is all. All this . . .
(does a dance, hands in the air, eyes closed, high pitched voice)
Hallelujah! . . . Praise the Lord! . . . Yes, Jeeeesuuussss!

Damon, giggles: Well lots of people worshipping for sure, but gotta admit I never did see anything quite like that in church. . . I gotta do a comedy skit in youth group next week, I really oughta try that, I bet all the guys would love it.

Betty: I thought all church guys get all uptight when guys tease them about religion.

Damon: Well, for sure I don’t anyhow. . . Nothin’ wrong with some good natured teasin’.

Marcus, in Damon’s face, angry: Well there is somethin’ wrong with jerks that go to some stupid church to hear some stupid idiot preacher say stupid stuff.

Betty: Marcus that isn’t nice!

Marcus: What’s with you Betty, are you into stupid churchy things too?

Betty: No I am not Marcus, but nothing wrong with other people being into it, if that’s what they want.

Marcus: Well, no churchy jerk is gonna get in my face and start preachin’ some stupid churchy stuff.

Damon: Sorry if you felt I was preaching at you Marcus, I didn’t mean to.

Marcus, very angry, in Damon’s face: Well fact is, you were preachin’ and this is one sinner that ain’t gonna put up with your stupid churchy ways, understand?

Marcus pushes Damon who falls back, gets back up

Damon: Like I say, I am sorry if you feel I was preaching and I . .

Marcus pushes Damon who falls back, gets back up

Marcus: Now then chicken churcher, what you plan to do about it? . . I don’t think you have the guts to fight!

Damon: Has nothing to do with guts Marcus. . . If there was something really worth fighting for then . .

Marcus: Gutless!

Betty: That is enough Marcus! . . Besides, it wasn’t Damon who started talking about church, it was you Marcus.

Marcus: Well, likely he was about to start preachin’ cause that's what all churchy jerks do. . . Besides, he is wearin’ this churchy button on his jacket!

Betty: Well you have a bicycle button on your jacket Marcus . . .

Marcus, shock: A bicycle button? . . What are you doin’ callin’ this here a bicycle button? . . I will have you know this here is a . . Mongoose . . button!

Betty: Mongoose? . . Looks more like a bicycle to me.

Marcus rolls eyes in disgust, Mitzi comes on stage

Mitzi, to Damon: Hey bro!

Damon: Hey sis. Junior choir practice done early?

Marcus: Oh great! . . . Another churchy holy roller!

Mitzi, smiles: Yup, that’s me all right.

Marcus: Can’t understand why you churchy people have to go around pushin’ your sick religion on everyone!

Mitzi: What’s with him?

Marcus: Nobody talk to me that way girl! . . Don’t you ever make that mistake again or you will be pickin’ your teeth up with a spoon.

Damon, calm: You won’t lay a finger on my sister Marcus.

Marcus, laughs: Or what, chicken churcher?

Damon, firm: I repeat . . don’t lay a finger on her.

Marcus: Really tough huh . .

Marcus touches Mitzi on the head with one finger, slaps her lightlyDamon moves quickly to Marcus, pushes him down hard, Marcus gets back up, angry

Marcus: A big mistake loser . . You just surprised me, I wasn’t ready for you.

Damon: I told you not to touch my sister.

Marcus: And I am scared! . . .

Marcus comes at Damon who sidesteps, throws Marcus to the floor

Betty: OK, that’s it Marcus, before you get hurt . .

Mitzi: Did my big brother happen to mention to you that he is Taekwondo state champion?

Betty, shock: I don’t understand Damon, why did you let Marcus push you around before, when you knew you could beat him?

Mitzi: My big brother always says if you are going to fight, make it over something worthwhile fighting for. . And I, . (strikes cute pose) . am for sure worth fighting for!

Damon smiles, ruffles Mitzi’s hair

Mitzi, looks proudly at Damon: Jimmy Brown would be proud of you bro!

Damon: What I did was nothing . . Jimmy Brown sacrificed his life for me.

Betty: Jimmy Brown? . . Who is he, what happened?

Damon: When I was a kid our house caught fire and I was trapped in my room. Jimmy Brown was a firefighter who came into our burning house to save me. . . He took off his gas mask and put it over my mouth and carried me toward the outside door, . . but the smoke was too thick and Jimmy collapsed. By the time the other firefighters got to us it was too late to save Jimmy.

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