Paying Their Price

  • Cast Number: 13
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 22:47-24:9
A 5 scene drama for Easter or any time of the year, would be an excellent outreach or dinner theatre piece.
This drama speaks of the drift there has been in our perception of the meaning of Easter, and it also chronicles how a mother, Veronica, is shown as putting her life on the line for her daughter and friend, and also how Veronica is prepared to stand up for the Biblical truth of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The pastor in these scenes, (Pastor Wes Pilate, irony intended), has started his own church and even written his own Bible for reasons of popularity and profit.
Scene VI is a bar scene, with a confrontation over drugs and prostitution.
There is an ongoing song which helps link the contemporary back to the crucifixion and resurrection.
This drama will not be for every church but we believe it will be impacting.
This drama is part of DramaShare’s larger “Through Me” drama, (available on the DramaShare site), the traditional portion of the drama, (“My Sons”), telling of the arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Scenes/Sets: Scene I – Modern Day Meaning of Easter (is it Easter Egg, Easter Bunny or Jesus)
Scene II – Current Day Church Service.
Scene III – Bar Scene. Tables with glasses
Scene IV – Hospital Waiting Room
Scene V Conclusion

Cast: 13+
Veronica, mother of Becky
Newsy Newsham, tacky newsman
Easter Egg in costume
Willy Rabbit, in costume
Charlie, likely child, male or female
Becky Adams, (as a pre-teen child), Veronica’s daughter
Becky Adams, (as an early teen), Veronica’s daughter
Becky Adams, (as a late teen), Veronica’s daughter
Pastor Wes Pilate
Tina Pilate, (as a pre-teen child), daughter of pastor
Tina Pilate, (as an early teen), daughter of pastor
Tina Pilate, (as a late-teen), daughter of pastor
(NOTE – Becky and Tina could all be played by the same actors by costuming)
Link, 20’s rough character
2 “clients” 20’s +
extras as available/desired

Lighting: spots required

Sound: as available
A song, based on “The Beautiful Scandalous Night” which as written by Derri Daugherty & Steve Hindalong
On YouTube
© 1992 Never Say Never Songs / New Spring Publishing, Inc. / ASCAP (both adm. by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.)
Arrangement and lyrics for this drama by DramaShare, the 3 MP3 clips are available from the DramaShare site

Costumes: In Scene I have costumes for Easter Egg and Willy the Wabbit, (can be as creative or as simple as you wish)

Props: other than soldiers equipment and knife, little is required

Sample of script:

lights up on Singer

Music clip1:
Song: Now the wonderful, tragic, mysterious tree
Is the object of great scorn and cruel mockery
The message of Jesus no longer takes flight
From that beautiful scandalous night.
From that beautiful scandalous night.

lights down on Singer, after a few seconds up on stage

Scene I – Modern Day Meaning of Easter

A current day TV news reporter is looking for the real reason for Easter

Costumes: Egg and rabbit costume can be as elaborate or simple as available.
Newsy is overdressed in sharp, tacky clothing
All other actors in regular clothing
Veronica wears a pillbox hat

Props: one hand-held microphone

Crowd come on stage, milling around, whispering
Veronica comes on stage with Becky

Veronica: This is so exciting!

Becky: Why did we come here Mom?

Veronica: Well the sign outside said, “Learn about the real reason for Easter.” And we for sure never can hear too much about that story!

Becky: But Mom, I’ve known all about the real reason for Easter ever since I was a kid!

Veronica: Like I said, never can hear too much about Easter. . . . Look, here comes another little girl . .

Pastor Wes Pilate comes on stage with Tina

Pastor: Here we go Tina, gonna be a good day for you, learning about the reason for Easter.

Tina: Sounds real boring to me.

Pastor, looks at Veronica, smiles, shakes his head: Kids . . . Never can please them, seems like.

Veronica, to Tina: You must be about the same age as my daughter. . . Tina, this is my daughter Becky.

Tina: Can we just go home Dad?

Pastor: Like I say . . kids, they get this age, they are a challenge. . . And me bein’ a pastor and all.

Veronica: Nice to meet you Pastor, I am Veronica Adams and you have met my daughter Becky.

Pastor, shakes Veronica’s hand: Pastor Wes Pilate here. . . And no jokes please about me being a pastor with the name of Pilate, OK? I already heard them all!

Newsy rushes on stage

Veronica, to Newsy: Hello sir, it’s a privilege to be here, can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Newsy: Another of my adoring fans I see . . . What is your name lady?

Veronica: I am Veronica Adams and this is my daughter Becky.

Newsy: Well, Victoria . . .

Veronica: That is Veronica . . .

Newsy: Whatever . . .

Pastor: And I am Pastor Wes Pilate and this is my daughter Tina.

Newsy: Oh goody! A pastor’s kid! . . Well just don’t go handin’ out Bibles and stuff OK?

Pastor: No worries there ma’man! I am not one to go around talkin’ religion to anyone.

Veronica: Well, speaking only for myself, I feel privileged to share the word of God with all who will listen.

Newsy, sarcastic: Oh great! . . Another Bible thumper!
Well enough chit-chat, time for me to do my magic . . .
(takes microphone, starts talking, rapid-fire)
This is Newsy Newsham, ace news reporter from Channel Seven News Blaster News with all the news that is news while it is news!
Now then what have we here?
Whatever is this demonstration all about?
Luckily for my adoring fans out there, I, Newsy Newsham, ace news reporter from Channel Seven News Blaster News with all the news that is news while it is news . . am here, on location!
And as sure as my name is Newsy Newsham I shall get to the bottom of the news!
(points microphone at Charlie)
What’s your name?

Charlie, looks around, confused: Me????? . . . You want to talk to me?

Newsy: Just the facts, what do you know?

Charlie, confused: What do . . . I . . . know?

Newsy: Sir, you are wasting valuable News Blaster News time, . . . as well as needlessly using up my incredibly beautiful voice . . .
Now, what's your name, what do you know?

Charlie: Well, I am Charlie, and. . . I know all about stars and the solar system, and I got real good grades in math and I . . . .

Newsy, annoyed: No, no, no, no, no!
What do you know about what is happening here, the protest, the demonstration, whatever it is.

Charlie: Oh that. We are trying to find out the reason for Easter.

Newsy: Hold that thought, time for a message from the good folks who make Channel Seven News Blaster News possible .. .
(big phoney smile)
Dear, dear friends!
Are you up all night suffering from backache, headaches, sore joints, and chronic hair loss? Well old Newsy has good news for you! Just you take two revolutionary Doctor Big’s Little Bomber B tablets and quick as you can say, “Newsy Newsham knows the news” why you will be back to your old self again.
And now, . . . back to the news that is news.

Egg comes up to Newsy, clears throat

Egg, self-important: Excuse us.

Newsy: Who are you?

Egg, haughty: We . . . are . . the . . . one. . the only . . . Easter Egg.

Newsy: Hate to break your shell, Egg, but there are like a gazillion eggs out there.

Egg, haughty: We are . . the . .Easter Egg . . and . . . we are . . the reason for Easter.

Crowd, excited, various comments: That’s the Easter Egg! The reason for Easter! Wow! Amazing! Unbelievable! Etc.

Crowd dance in a circle around Egg singing

Crowd: She is the Easter Egg
She’s the reason for Easter!
She is the Easter Egg
She’s the reason for Easter!
She is the Easter Egg
She’s the reason for Easter!

Veronica, shock: The Easter Egg . . the reason for Easter? . . . I don’t think so!

Willy comes on stage, watches what is going on, laughs uncontrollably

Willy: I agwee (agree) waydee (lady)
Wow! That is weally a wiot!
She says she is the weason for Easter?
Wike I say, a weal wiot is what!

Newsy: And you are . . . ?

Willie: Who ewse (else)?
I am Willy the Wabbit.

Newsy: Willy the Wabbit . . . errr, Rabbit?Willie: Wight (right), I am Willy the Wabbit, and I . . . am the weason for Easter.Crowd, excited, various comments: That’s Willy the Wabbit! The weason for Easter! Wow! Amazing! Unbelievable! Etc.Crowd dance in a circle around Willy singingCrowd: He is Willy the WabbitHe’s the weason for Easter!He is Willy the WabbitHe’s the weason for Easter!He is Willy the WabbitHe’s the weason for Easter!Becky, shakes head, sadBecky: That is just so wrong!Newsy: What's that?Becky: That’s not the reason for Easter!Newsy: How do you know that, you are just a little kid.Becky: I know that the real reason for Easter is that Jesus died and he rose again, and that’s the reason for EasterEgg, indignant: I have never heard of anything so preposterous! . . Everyone knows that I, the Easter Egg, am the real reason for Easter!

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