Live at Calvary

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 23,24
Docudrama tells Easter story as told by those who were at the scene. Mary, Mary Magdatene, Peter, Herod, a soldier and others are interviewed about what they saw and how they were involved in this crucifiction of Jesus of Nazareth. Many people are forced to face many truths about that event that changed the face of humanity forever.
The drama may be set in it's original timeframe with period costumes, or it could be in a contemporary setting.
Contemporary Setting will be a well appointed modern TV studio with bright lights and a stylized console behind which the actors sit on plush chairs. Interviewer will sit at a separate station and will have a neat stack of notes in front of him. There will be "On Air" and "Quiet" signs on wall. Construct replicas of TV cameras mounted at downstage right and left positions and assign operators. If possible have a cross in the background, above the set, which will not be visible until midway through the performance.

Sample of script:

Option A. Original Setting

The actors will come on stage led by the Interviewer who will direct each person to his / her place. Mary will smile at Pilate, pull chair out for him to sit down, Pilate ignores her. Herod will be the last to be seated and will look at Peter with obvious distaste and say to Interviewer:
Herod: Must we sit beside this person?
Interviewer: Please, be seated.
Herod, seeing there is no where else to sit, pulls his chair as far away from Peter as possible and sits down.
Interviewer looks towards the audience and begins. Good evening. Welcome to this meeting. My name is Joseph. As you know the Sanhedrin have asked me to bring together some of those involved in an unfortunate happening here in Jerusalem some time ago, the crucifixion of one Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We will look at the background of this person who some claim to have been a prophet and whom others even believe rose from his grave.
At this comment all actors except Pilate react: Mary Magdalene and Peter nod heads and smile warmly. Soldier uncomfortably looks down at the floor. Pilate looks straight ahead with no reaction to what has been said.
Herod shakes his head, says: Please! We do not believe this rubbish!
Interviewer: You will all have your opportunity to respond in due course. Now as I was saying, certainly if any of this is true, this will prove to be an event which will shape history. Now to our guests. You, sir, would you give us your name please.

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Option B. Contemporary Setting

Same as Original Setting except have a makeup person come on stage to check the Interviewer's makeup. Another person will be the director who will ask for quiet on the set and then will signal for house lights up. Director will begin the count down and signal "Action".
Interviewer smiles, looks towards the audience and begins. Good evening. My name is Gary Simons of EBS, the Entertaining Broadcasting System. Tonight we bring you an interview with the past, an interview with a number of people who were involved in an event which shaped history. The event we are referring to is the crucifixion, followed by what, (smiles), incredibly, some of the more imaginative believe to have been, the resurrection of the person known as Jesus Christ. This program is part of our on-going commitment to you, our viewers. Stay tuned to EBS for the finest in television entertainment. Tonight we are here on location in Jerusalem. We trust that you will find this program entertaining and, perhaps, even informative. In good conscience I must inform you in advance that I do not concur with those who choose to believe in the acts and actions which have, in some quarters, been attributed to Jesus Christ. And while I am sufficiently broadminded to allow everyone the right to judge for themselves, certainly I do not personally subscribe to the various imaginative pieces of folk lore which have over the years been written about this Jesus Christ.
At this comment all actors react. Peter and Pilate stir uncomfortably, look down at the floor.
Herod applauds by slapping table as would a politician, says: Hear, hear!
Mary Magdalene stands, says: Pardon me sir. Do you mean that you don't believe in my Savior, Jesus Christ?
Interviewer: Please! I must ask that you control yourself. You will be asked questions in due course and you will get ample opportunity to respond. We shall not allow anyone to prejudice the opinions of our viewers!
Mary Magdalene: But sir, you have made comments against the Master which might prejudice others and . . .
Interviewer, distraught: Please! I must ask you to control yourself! Now then, where were we. Oh yes, (clears throat, regains "professional" voice and continues), as a committed journalist, I am prepared to allow those with, what shall I say, unusual and unlikely opinions to have their opportunity to advance even these views. Now to our guests. You, sir, would you give us your name please.

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PETER My name is Peter. (Voice is booming, full of confidence. Emphasizes the word "name" each time said): But originally my name was Simon. Later Jesus named me the "Rock", this translated to Greek was Petros, thus my name became Peter. It is well known that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact I, Peter, am always named first among the disciples. And although James and John are named along with myself as being the disciples closest to Jesus, just check out your Gospels. You will find that my name, Peter, is mentioned more frequently than any other disciple. Yes, my name is Peter.
INTERVIEWER: Please, I would ask that you stay on topic by answering the question posed to you. It is I who will lead the line of questioning. Now then, we will get back to you shortly Peter. (under his breath) Sometimes you ask a person for his name and you get his life's history. Who do we have next? Introduce yourself if you will please.
PILATE - Tone very efficient and businesslike: I am Pilate. It was my responsibility to govern this entire region. I believe that I was an exemplary administrator, firm yet fair. My interest throughout this unfortunate affair was to ensure that the accused, Jesus Christ, received fair treatment. Don't forget it was I who said "I find no fault in Him." Yes, and I offered to punish Him and release Him. Finally I even sent Him off to Herod to ensure, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that, in fact, justice would be done. So don't try to hold me responsible. The very fact that there was a crucifixion was, I believe, unfortunate and certainly could have been avoided. All that the accused had to do was show some degree of cooperation. You see, that's how things are done, by cooperation. We must all learn to get along with others.
INTERVIEWER: I have never fully understood why Jesus was brought to trial, what had he done? I get the impression that Jesus was basically a, what shall I say, a good person. Surely the charges against him must have been fabricated by bureaucrats such as yourself. How would you respond to that, Pilate?
PILATE: It was not the governing forces who brought Jesus Christ to trial, we can't be held responsible. It was the Jewish population themselves who created the situation. And, for the record, Jesus Christ was not brought to trial for what He had done but rather for who he was. (Stops, smiles self consciously, continues). Pardon me, of course I should have said, for who He claimed to be. You see, Jesus made claim to being God and this the Jewish people would not condone. Almost from the beginning of Jesus', so called, ministry, the Jewish people had tried to bring charges against Jesus. The substance of the charge was irrelevant. They simply wanted to rid themselves of Jesus. The fact is that the only charge of substance against Jesus was one of blasphemy, of claiming to be God. What I find so ridiculous about this entire incident was that Jesus could so easily have walked away a free man. It was simple. All He had to do was deny being God. Certainly that would have been the logical course of action. I mean, why can't all people learn to get along harmoniously? It would make things so much more manageable for those of us charged with the difficult responsibility of governing.
INTERVIEWER: You take great pains to ensure that you are not held responsible on any account, don't you? Just what are you hiding from, Pilate?

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